Themes By Chapter

Book Summary

Titus portrays Christ as our pattern. We are not saved by good works but for good works – it is not our works that God wants but us. We have received the “gift of righteousness” and the result of being called righteous by faith will be good works as we are continuously conformed into Jesus’ image. Righteousness will automatically produce good works and this righteousness is His righteousness – His righteous life that He has given to us.

It is a joy to be a prisoner of Christ – as Charles Spurgeon once said, “you can be under bonds yet not in bondage.” We are under bonds to Christ for we have been given the bonds so to speak of real abundant life.

Paul warns of people who confess God but in there actions deny Him. If we have real faith it will flow from us as actions because its not faith and works its faith that works. Faith in God is faith that He will change you from the inside, give you a new heart and faith in Him has made us a new creation. Just like when a car has been given a new engine it runs better so too with us – we have been born again by the spirit and that will naturally result in faith that works.