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8 Bible Verses about Animal Reproduction

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 30:39

When the flocks mated in front of the branches, they would bear offspring that were striped, speckled, or spotted.

Genesis 30:41

Whenever the more vigorous of the flock came into heat, Jacob would place the branches in the troughs in front of the flock to make them mate by the branches.

Genesis 31:10

As it was, when it was time for the livestock to breed, I once looked up in a dream, and the male goats that were mating with the flock were producing streaked, speckled, and spotted offspring.

Leviticus 19:19

"Observe my statutes. "You are not to let your cattle breed with a different species. "You are not to sow your fields with two different kinds of seeds. "You are not to wear clothing made from two different kinds of material.

Psalm 144:14

May our cattle grow heavy with young, with no damage or loss. May there be no cry of anguish in our streets!

Ezekiel 31:6

The birds in the sky made nests in its boughs; all the beasts of the field gave birth under its branches. All the great nations rested in its shade.

Job 39:1-3

"Do you know when the mountain goat gives birth? Do you watch the doe as it calves its young? Can you count the months of their gestation? Do you know the time when they give birth, when they crouch down to give birth to their offspring, and let go of their birth pangs?

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