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11 Bible Verses about Breaking Sticks

Most Relevant Verses

Zechariah 11:10

And I took my staff Kindness and broke it, to break my covenant that I {had made} with all the peoples.

Zechariah 11:14

Then I broke my second staff Unity to break the family ties between Judah and Israel.

Leviticus 26:13

I [am] Yahweh, your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt, from being their slaves; and I broke the bars of your yoke, and I caused you to walk erectly.

Isaiah 14:5

Yahweh has broken [the] staff of [the] wicked, [the] scepter of rulers,

Isaiah 14:29

You must not rejoice, all you Philistines, that the rod that struck you is broken, for a viper will come forth from [the] root of [the] snake, and its fruit [will be] a flying serpent.

Lamentations 2:9

Her gates have sunk into the earth; he has ruined and broken her bars, her kings and its princes [are] among the nations; there is no more law. Also, her prophets have not found a revelation from Yahweh.

Ezekiel 4:16

And he said to me, "Son of man, look, I [am] going to break the {supply} of bread in Jerusalem, and they will eat bread by weight, {anxiously}, and {rationed water}, and they will drink with horror,

Genesis 8:11

And the dove came to him {in the evening}, and behold, a freshly-picked olive tree leaf [was] in her mouth. And Noah knew that the waters had subsided from upon the earth.

Ezekiel 29:7

When they took hold of you with the hand, you snapped, and you split their every shoulder. And when they leaned on you, you broke, and you caused all of their loins to wobble."

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