Death Of Unnamed Individuals

Most Relevant Verses

John 8:52

The Jews said to him, "Now we know that you have a demon! Abraham and the prophets died, and you say, 'If anyone keeps my word, he will never taste death {forever}.'

John 8:53

You are not greater than our father Abraham who died, [are you]? And the prophets died! Who do you make yourself [to be]?"

Daniel 3:22

{Therefore} {because} the word of the king was severe and the furnace was exceedingly hot, the flame of the fire killed these men who lifted up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Matthew 22:25

Now there were seven brothers with us. And the first died [after] getting married, and [because he] did not have descendants, he left his wife to his brother.

Mark 12:20

There were seven brothers, and the first took a wife. And [when he] died, he did not leave descendants.

Luke 20:29

Now there were seven brothers, and the first took a wife [and] died childless,

Mark 12:22

And the seven did not leave descendants. Last of all the woman also died.

Luke 20:32

Finally the woman also died.

Luke 20:31

and the third took her, and likewise also the seven did not leave children and died.

Genesis 42:38

But he said, "My son shall not go down with you, for his brother is dead and he alone remains. [If] harm meets him on the journey that you would take, you would bring down my gray head in sorrow to Sheol."

Genesis 44:20

And we said to my lord, 'We have an aged father, and a younger [brother], the child of his old age, and his brother died, and he alone remains from his mother, and his father loves him.'

Judges 20:5

The lords of Gibeah rose up against me and surrounded the house at night. They intended to kill me, and they raped my concubine, and she died.

2 Samuel 12:18

It happened on the seventh day that the child died, and the servants of David [were] afraid to tell him that the child [was] dead, for they said, "Look, when the child [was] alive, we spoke to him, but he would not listen to our voice. How can we tell him, 'The child [is] dead'? He may do [something] evil."

2 Samuel 12:19

When David saw that his servants [were] whispering together, he realized that the child [was] dead. Then David said to his servants, "[Is] the child dead?" And they said, "He [is] dead."

Ezekiel 24:18

And I spoke to the people in the morning, and my wife died in the evening, and I did in the morning {just as} I was commanded.

Matthew 9:18

[As] he was saying these [things] to them, behold, one of the rulers came [and] knelt down before him, saying, "My daughter has just now died, but come, place your hand on her and she will live!"

Mark 5:35

[While] he was still speaking, they came from the synagogue ruler's [house] saying, "Your daughter has died. Why trouble the Teacher further?"

Luke 8:49

[While] he was still speaking, someone came from the synagogue ruler's [house], saying, "Your daughter is dead! Trouble the Teacher no longer!"

Luke 8:53

And they began laughing at him, [because they] knew that she was dead.

Genesis 38:12

{And in the course of time} the daughter of Shua, the wife of Judah, died. When Judah was consoled he went up to his sheepshearers, he and his friend Hirah the Adullamite, to Timnah.

2 Kings 7:17

Then the king appointed the officer he was depending on over the gate, but the people trampled him and he died, according to that which the man of God had said which he spoke when the king came down to him.

2 Kings 4:20

So they carried him and brought him to his mother; he sat on her lap until noon and then died.

2 Kings 4:32

When Elisha came to the house, here [was] the boy dead, lying on his bed.

Job 1:19

And behold, a great wind came from across the desert, and it struck the four corners of the house {so that} it fell upon the young people, and they died. But I escaped, [even] I alone, to tell you."

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