Destruction Of The Wicked

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 37:38

But transgressors will all be eliminated;
the future of the wicked will be destroyed.

Proverbs 14:11

The house of the wicked will be destroyed,
but the tent of the upright will stand.

Psalm 94:23

He will pay them back for their sins
and destroy them for their evil.
The Lord our God will destroy them.

Psalm 28:5

Because they do not consider
what the Lord has done
or the work of His hands,
He will tear them down and not rebuild them.

Psalm 73:19

How suddenly they become a desolation!
They come to an end, swept away by terrors.

2 Peter 3:6

Through these waters the world of that time perished when it was flooded.

Proverbs 10:29

The way of the Lord is a stronghold for the honorable,
but destruction awaits the malicious.

Ezekiel 13:14

I will tear down the wall you plastered with whitewash and knock it to the ground so that its foundation is exposed. The city will fall, and you will be destroyed within it. Then you will know that I am Yahweh.

Hosea 7:13

Woe to them, for they fled from Me;
destruction to them, for they rebelled against Me!
Though I want to redeem them,
they speak lies against Me.

Daniel 8:25

He will cause deceit to prosper
through his cunning and by his influence,
and in his own mind he will make himself great.
He will destroy many in a time of peace;
he will even stand against the Prince of princes.
Yet he will be shattered—not by human hands.

2 Peter 2:12

But these people, like irrational animals—creatures of instinct born to be caught and destroyed—speak blasphemies about things they don’t understand, and in their destruction they too will be destroyed,

Jude 1:10

But these people blaspheme anything they don’t understand. What they know by instinct like unreasoning animals—they destroy themselves with these things.

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