Digging Pits

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 26:27

The one who digs a pit will fall into it,
and whoever rolls a stone—
it will come back on him.

Psalm 7:15

He dug a pit and hollowed it out
but fell into the hole he had made.

Ecclesiastes 10:8

The one who digs a pit may fall into it,
and the one who breaks through a wall may be bitten by a snake.

Psalm 35:7

They hid their net for me without cause;
they dug a pit for me without cause.

Jeremiah 18:20

Should good be repaid with evil?
Yet they have dug a pit for me.
Remember how I stood before You
to speak good on their behalf,
to turn Your anger from them.

Psalm 119:85

The arrogant have dug pits for me;
they violate Your instruction.

Proverbs 28:10

The one who leads the upright into an evil way
will fall into his own pit,
but the blameless will inherit what is good.

Psalm 57:6

They prepared a net for my steps;
I was despondent.
They dug a pit ahead of me,
but they fell into it!Selah

Psalm 9:15

The nations have fallen into the pit they made;
their foot is caught in the net they have concealed.

Psalm 94:13

to give him relief from troubled times
until a pit is dug for the wicked.

Mark 12:1

Then He began to speak to them in parables: “A man planted a vineyard, put a fence around it, dug out a pit for a winepress, and built a watchtower. Then he leased it to tenant farmers and went away.

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