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28 Bible Verses about Disciples' Movements

Most Relevant Verses

Matthew 9:19

So Jesus and His disciples got up and followed him.

Matthew 14:22

Immediately He made the disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side, while He dismissed the crowds.

Matthew 21:1

When they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage at the Mount of Olives, Jesus then sent two disciples,

Mark 11:1

When they approached Jerusalem, at Bethphage and Bethany near the Mount of Olives, He sent two of His disciples

Luke 19:29

As He approached Bethphage and Bethany, at the place called the Mount of Olives, He sent two of the disciples

Matthew 21:6

The disciples went and did just as Jesus directed them.

Mark 3:7

Jesus departed with His disciples to the sea, and a large crowd followed from Galilee, Judea,

Mark 3:9

Then He told His disciples to have a small boat ready for Him, so the crowd would not crush Him.

Mark 6:1

He went away from there and came to His hometown, and His disciples followed Him.

Mark 6:45

Immediately He made His disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side, to Bethsaida, while He dismissed the crowd.

Mark 8:10

and immediately got into the boat with His disciples and went to the district of Dalmanutha.

Mark 10:46

They came to Jericho. And as He was leaving Jericho with His disciples and a large crowd, Bartimaeus (the son of Timaeus), a blind beggar, was sitting by the road.

Luke 7:11

Soon afterward He was on His way to a town called Nain. His disciples and a large crowd were traveling with Him.

Luke 22:39

He went out and made His way as usual to the Mount of Olives, and the disciples followed Him.

John 2:12

After this, He went down to Capernaum, together with His mother, His brothers, and His disciples, and they stayed there only a few days.

John 3:22

After this, Jesus and His disciples went to the Judean countryside, where He spent time with them and baptized.

Mark 8:27

Jesus went out with His disciples to the villages of Caesarea Philippi. And on the road He asked His disciples, “Who do people say that I am?”

John 4:8

for His disciples had gone into town to buy food.

John 6:16

When evening came, His disciples went down to the sea,

John 6:17

got into a boat, and started across the sea to Capernaum. Darkness had already set in, but Jesus had not yet come to them.

John 6:22

The next day, the crowd that had stayed on the other side of the sea knew there had been only one boat. They also knew that Jesus had not boarded the boat with His disciples, but that His disciples had gone off alone.

John 6:24

When the crowd saw that neither Jesus nor His disciples were there, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum looking for Jesus.

John 11:54

Therefore Jesus no longer walked openly among the Jews but departed from there to the countryside near the wilderness, to a town called Ephraim. And He stayed there with the disciples.

John 18:1

After Jesus had said these things, He went out with His disciples across the Kidron Valley, where there was a garden, and He and His disciples went into it.

John 18:2

Judas, who betrayed Him, also knew the place, because Jesus often met there with His disciples.

Matthew 28:16

The 11 disciples traveled to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had directed them.

John 20:10

Then the disciples went home again.

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