Fear, Overcome By

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Psalm 27:1-3

The LORD is my light and my salvation whom will I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom will I be afraid? When those who practice evil, my enemies, and my oppressors come near me to devour my flesh, they stumble and fall. If an army encamps against me, my heart will not fear. If a war is launched against me, I will even trust in that situation.

Isaiah 51:12

"I yes, I am the one who comforts you. Who are you, that you are so afraid of humans who will die, descendants of mere men, who have been made like grass?

Genesis 26:24

where one night the LORD appeared to him. "I am the God of your father Abraham," he told him. "Don't be afraid, because I'm with you. I'm going to bless you and multiply your descendants on account of my servant Abraham."

Genesis 46:2-4

God spoke to Israel through night visions, addressing him, "Jacob! Jacob!" "Here I am!" Jacob replied. "I'm God, your father's God. Don't be afraid to move down to Egypt, because I'm going to turn you into a mighty nation there. I'm going down with you to Egypt, and I'm certainly going to bring you back again. And Joseph himself will be with you when you die."

Deuteronomy 1:21

Look! The LORD your God has given the land that lies before you. Go and possess it, just as the LORD God of your ancestors commanded you. Don't be afraid or discouraged.'

Deuteronomy 3:21-22

"I also charged Joshua at that time, "You witnessed everything that the LORD your God did to the two kings. Indeed, the LORD will do this to all the kingdoms which you are about to enter. You are not to fear them, because the LORD your God will fight for you.'"

Deuteronomy 20:2-4

As you draw near for battle, let the priest approach and speak to the army. He will say to them, "Listen, Israel! You're about to go into battle today against your enemies. Don't be faint-hearted. Don't be afraid, don't panic, and don't be terrified to face them. For the LORD your God will be with you, fighting on your behalf against your enemies in order to grant you victory.'

Deuteronomy 31:6-8

Be strong and courageous. Don't fear or tremble before them, because the LORD your God will be the one who keeps on walking with you he won't leave you or abandon you." Then Moses called on Joshua and told him in the presence of everyone in Israel, "Be strong and courageous, because you'll bring this people to the land that the LORD your God had promised to give your ancestors. You will be the one who causes them to possess it. Indeed, the LORD is the one who will keep on walking in front of you. He'll be with you and won't leave you or abandon you, so never be afraid and never be dismayed."

Ruth 3:10-11

He replied, "May you be blessed by the LORD, my daughter. You've added to the gracious love you've already demonstrated by not pursuing younger men, whether rich or poor. Don't be afraid, my daughter. I'll do for you everything that you have asked, since all of my people in town are aware that you're a virtuous woman.

2 Kings 6:15-17

Meanwhile, the attendant to the man of God got up early in the morning and went outside, and there were the elite forces, surrounding the city, accompanied by horses and chariots! So Elisha's attendant cried out to him, "Oh no! Master! What will we do!?" Elisha replied, "Stop being afraid, because there are more with us than with them!" Then Elisha prayed, asking the LORD, "Please make him able to really see!" And so when the LORD enabled the young man to see, he looked, and there was the mountain, filled with horses and fiery chariots surrounding Elisha!

1 Chronicles 28:2

King David rose to his feet and said, "My fellow citizens, may I have your attention. I intended to build a house of rest for the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD, for a footstool of our God, so I began preparations for its construction.

2 Chronicles 20:17

You won't be fighting in this battle. Take your stand, but stand still, and watch the LORD's salvation on your behalf, Judah and Jerusalem! Never fear and never be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, since the LORD is with you.'"

Job 5:17-27

"Indeed, how blessed is the person whom God reproves! So never disrespect the discipline of the Almighty, because though he wounds, but then applies bandages; though he strikes, his hands still heal. "He will deliver you through six calamities; and calamity won't touch you throughout the seventh.read more.
He will deliver you from death by famine; in war from the power of the sword. You'll be protected from the accusing tongue; you need not fear destruction when it heads your way. You'll laugh at destruction and famine; and you need not fear the beasts of the earth. For you'll have a pact with the stones in the field; and the beasts of the field will be at peace with you. You'll know that your home is secure; when you search your possessions, and nothing will be missing. You'll know that you'll have many children; and that your offspring will be like the grass of the earth. You'll go to your grave at a ripe old age; like a stack of grain that's harvested at just the right time. "Look! We have thought all this through, and what we've said is true; So please listen and learn for your own good!"

Psalm 3:1-8

LORD, I have so many persecutors! Many are rising up against me! Many are saying about me, "God will never deliver him!" But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head.read more.
I cry aloud to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. Interlude I lie down and sleep, I wake up, because the LORD sustains me. I will not fear multitudes of people, who set themselves against me on every side. Arise, LORD! Deliver me, my God! For you strike the jaw of all my enemies, and you break the teeth of the wicked. Deliverance comes from the LORD! May your blessing be on your people. Interlude To the Director: With stringed instruments. A Davidic Psalm

Psalm 27:1-6

The LORD is my light and my salvation whom will I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom will I be afraid? When those who practice evil, my enemies, and my oppressors come near me to devour my flesh, they stumble and fall. If an army encamps against me, my heart will not fear. If a war is launched against me, I will even trust in that situation.read more.
I have asked one thing from the LORD; it is what I really seek: that I may remain in the LORD's Temple all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD; and to inquire in his Temple. For he will conceal me in his shelter on the day of evil; He will hide me in a secluded chamber within his tent; He will place me on a high rock. Now my head will be lifted up above my enemies, even those who surround me. I will sacrifice in his tent with shouts of joy; I will sing and make melodies to the LORD.

Psalm 46:1-3

God is our refuge and strength, a great help in times of distress. Therefore we will not be frightened when the earth roars, when the mountains shake in the depths of the seas, when its waters roar and rage, when the mountains tremble despite their pride. Interlude

Psalm 56:1-13

Have mercy on me, God, because men have harassed me. Those who oppress me have fought against me all day long. Those who watch me all day have harassed me, for there are many who fight against me out of conceit. On days when I am afraid, I put my trust in you.read more.
In God, whose word I praise, in God I put my trust. I will not fear what mortal man can do to me. All day long people distort what I say; all their schemes against me are for evil purposes. They gather together and hide in ambush. They watch my every step as they lie in wait for my life. Cast them away because of their wickedness. In wrath, God, cast down these people! You have kept count of my wanderings. Put my tears in your bottle have not you recorded them in your book? My enemies will retreat when I call on you. This has been my experience, because God is with me. In God, whose word I praise, in the LORD, whose word I praise, in God I will put my trust. I will not fear what mortal man can do to me. God, I have taken vows before you; therefore I will offer thanksgiving sacrifices to you. For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, so that I may walk before God in the light of the living! To the Director: A special Davidic psalm to the tune of "Do Not Destroy," when he fled from Saul into a cave.

Psalm 91:1-5

The one who lives in the shelter of the Most High, who rests in the shadow of the Almighty, will say to the LORD, "You are my refuge, my fortress, and my God in whom I trust!" He will surely deliver you from the hunter's snare and from the destructive plague.read more.
With his feathers he will cover you, under his wings you will find safety. His truth is your shield and armor. You need not fear terror that stalks in the night, the arrow that flies in the day,

Psalm 118:4-8

Let those who fear the LORD now say, "His gracious love is eternal." I called on the LORD in my distress; the LORD answered me openly. The LORD is with me. I will not be afraid. What can people do to me?read more.
With the LORD beside me as my helper, I will triumph over those who hate me. It is better to take shelter in the LORD than to trust in people.

Proverbs 3:19-26

By wisdom the LORD laid the earth's foundations, and by understanding he set the heavens in place. By his knowledge the depths broke open, and the clouds drip with dew. My son, do not let wisdom leave your sight. Carefully observe sound judgment and discernment,read more.
and they will be life to you and a graceful ornament for your neck. Then you will travel safely on your way, and your foot will not stumble. When you sit down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be pleasant. Do not be afraid of sudden disaster, or the devastation that comes to the wicked. Indeed, the LORD will be your confidence, and he will keep your foot from being caught.

Isaiah 12:1-2

At that time, you will say: "I will praise you, LORD, for although you were angry with me, your anger has turned away, and you have comforted me. "Look! God yes God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid. For the LORD is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation."

Isaiah 35:3-10

Strengthen the feeble hands, and support the stumbling knees. Say to those with anxious hearts, "Be strong, do not be afraid! Here is your God he will bring vengeance, he will bring divine retribution, and he will save you.' "Then the eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf unblocked;read more.
then the lame will leap like deer, and the tongues of speechless people will sing for joy. Yes, waters will gush forth in the wilderness, and streams will run through the desert; the burning sands will become a pool, and the thirsty ground fountains of water. In the haunts of jackals there will be a verdant resting place with reeds and rushes." "A highway will be there yes, there and people will call it "The Holy Way'. As for unclean people, they will not journey on it, but it will be for whomever is traveling on that Way not even fools will get lost. No lions will be there no nor will any ferocious beasts get up on it, and they will not be found there. "But the redeemed will walk there, and the LORD's ransomed ones will return and enter Zion with singing. Everlasting joy will rest upon their heads, gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and mourning will flee away."

Isaiah 41:10-14

Don't be afraid, because I'm with you; don't be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I'm truly helping you. I'm surely upholding you with my victorious right hand." "Look! All who are enraged at you will be put to shame and disgraced; those who contend with you will all die. Those who quarrel with you will be as nothing; those who fight you like nothing at all!"read more.
"For I am the LORD your God, who takes hold of your right hand, who says to you, "Don't be afraid. I'll help you. Don't be afraid, you little worm Jacob, and you insects of Israel! I myself will help you,' declares the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel."

Isaiah 43:1-5

But now this is what the LORD says, the one who created you, Jacob, the one who formed you, Israel: "Do not be afraid, because I've redeemed you. I've called you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I'll be with you; and through the rivers, they won't sweep over you. when you walk through fire you won't be scorched, and the flame won't set you ablaze. "I am the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Redeemer And I've given Egypt as your ransom, Cush and the people of Seba in exchange for you.read more.
Since you're precious in my sight and honored, and because I love you, I'm giving up people in your place, and nations in exchange for your life." "Don't be afraid, for I am with you; I'll bring your children from the east, and gather you from the west.

Isaiah 44:2-8

This what the LORD says, the one who made you, formed you from the womb, and who will help you: "Don't be afraid, Jacob my servant, and Jeshurun, whom I have chosen. For I'll pour water upon thirsty ground and streams on parched land. So will I pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing upon your descendants. They'll spring up as among the green grass, like willows by flowing streams.read more.
One will say, "I belong to the LORD,' and another will call himself by the name of Jacob; still another will have written on his hand, "the LORD's,' and will adopt the name of Israel." This is what the LORD says, the King of Israel and its Redeemer the LORD of the Heavenly Armies is his name "I am the first and I am the last, and apart from me there is no God. Who is like me? Let him proclaim and declare it, and lay it out for himself since he made an ancient people. And let him speak future events; let them tell him what will happen. Don't tremble, and don't be afraid. Didn't I tell you and announce it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any God besides me? There is no other Rock I don't know of any."

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