God Angry With Individuals

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 4:14

Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses, and He said, “Isn’t Aaron the Levite your brother? I know that he can speak well. And also, he is on his way now to meet you. He will rejoice when he sees you.

Deuteronomy 1:37

“The Lord was angry with me also because of you and said: ‘You will not enter there either.

Deuteronomy 3:26

“But the Lord was angry with me on account of you and would not listen to me. The Lord said to me, ‘That’s enough! Do not speak to Me again about this matter.

Deuteronomy 4:21

“The Lord was angry with me on your account. He swore that I would not cross the Jordan and enter the good land the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance.

Numbers 12:9

The Lord’s anger burned against them, and He left.

Deuteronomy 9:20

The Lord was angry enough with Aaron to destroy him. But I prayed for Aaron at that time also.

2 Samuel 6:7-8

Then the Lord’s anger burned against Uzzah, and God struck him dead on the spot for his irreverence, and he died there next to the ark of God. David was angry because of the Lord’s outburst against Uzzah, so he named that place an Outburst Against Uzzah, as it is today.

1 Kings 11:9

The Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart had turned away from Yahweh, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice.

Job 42:7

After the Lord had finished speaking to Job, He said to Eliphaz the Temanite: “I am angry with you and your two friends, for you have not spoken the truth about Me, as My servant Job has.

Job 16:9

His anger tears at me, and He harasses me.
He gnashes His teeth at me.
My enemy pierces me with His eyes.

Psalm 88:16

Your wrath sweeps over me;
Your terrors destroy me.

Ezekiel 16:38

I will judge you the way adulteresses and those who shed blood are judged. Then I will bring about your bloodshed in wrath and jealousy.

Psalm 102:9-10

I eat ashes like bread
and mingle my drinks with tears because of Your indignation and wrath;
for You have picked me up and thrown me aside.

Ecclesiastes 5:6

Do not let your mouth bring guilt on you, and do not say in the presence of the messenger that it was a mistake. Why should God be angry with your words and destroy the work of your hands?

Micah 7:9

Because I have sinned against Him,
I must endure the Lord’s rage
until He argues my case
and establishes justice for me.
He will bring me into the light;
I will see His salvation.

Psalm 6:1

A Prayer for MercyFor the choir director: with stringed instruments, according to Sheminith. A Davidic psalm. Lord, do not rebuke me in Your anger;
do not discipline me in Your wrath.

Psalm 38:1

A Davidic psalm for remembrance.Lord, do not punish me in Your anger
or discipline me in Your wrath.

Psalm 27:9

Do not hide Your face from me;
do not turn Your servant away in anger.
You have been my helper;
do not leave me or abandon me,
God of my salvation.

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