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17 Bible Verses about Guilt Offering

Most Relevant Verses

Leviticus 5:17

"If a person sins and does what the LORD commanded is not to be done, and if he didn't know that he had sinned, then he will be guilty nevertheless.

Leviticus 5:15

"When a person commits a truly treacherous act and sins inadvertently concerning the sacred things of the LORD, then he is to bring a trespass offering to the LORD from the flock as compensation for his guilt. It is to be a ram without defect, estimated as to its value in silver shekels, according to the sanctuary shekel.

Leviticus 5:16

He is to compensate for whatever sin he had committed concerning the sacred things of the LORD, add a fifth part to it, and give it to the priest. The priest is to make atonement for him with the ram as a sin offering and he'll be forgiven.

Leviticus 6:1-5

The LORD told Moses, "A person sins against the LORD by acting treacherously toward his neighbor regarding something entrusted to his care, regarding security for a loan, robbery, if he has oppressed his neighbor, if he has found something that had been lost and then lied about it, or if he makes a false oath about any of these things, thus committing a sin with respect to these things. read more.
If that person has sinned and has been found guilty, then he is to return the stolen thing that he took or obtained by oppression, or the security that had been entrusted to him, or the lost thing that he had found, or the thing about which he had given a false oath. He is to restore it in full, add a fifth to it, then give it to whom it belongs the very day he's found guilty.

Numbers 5:5-8

The LORD told Moses, "Instruct the Israelis that whenever a man or woman does something contained in the list of the sins of man, thereby acting treacherously against the LORD, then that person stands guilty. He is to confess the sin that he had committed, pay its full compensation, add one fifth to it, and give the compensation to whomever he offended. read more.
But if the person has no related redeemer to whom compensation may be made, the payment is to be brought to the LORD and given to the priest, in addition to a ram for atonement with which he is to be atoned.

Leviticus 5:18

He is to bring from the flock to the priest a ram without defect, estimated as to its value in silver shekels, as a guilt offering. Then the priest is to make atonement for him concerning his inadvertent act that he committed through ignorance, and it will be forgiven him.

Leviticus 7:1-6

"This is the regulation concerning guilt offerings. They are most holy. The guilt offering is to be offered in the same place where the burnt offering is slaughtered. The priest is to sprinkle some of its blood on the altar and around it. As to all its fat that is, the fat on the tail and the fat covering the internal organs the one presenting the sacrifice is to offer it. read more.
But the two kidneys, the fat over them by the loins, and the appendage on the liver are to be taken away, along with the kidneys. Then the priest is to offer them on the altar, incinerating them with fire as a guilt offering to the LORD. Any male among the priests may eat it, provided that it is eaten at a sacred place as a most holy thing.

Numbers 18:9

This is what is to belong to you from consecrated offerings spared from the fire: all of their offerings, grain offerings, sin offerings, and trespass offerings that they render to me. They're to be considered most sacred to you and your sons.

Leviticus 14:12-14

The priest is to take one of the lambs and present it as a guilt offering, along with one log of olive oil, which he is to wave as a raised offering in the LORD's presence. Then he is to slaughter the lamb in the place where he slaughtered the sin and burnt offerings that is, at a place in the sanctuary. Just as the sin offering is for the priest, so also is the guilt offering. It's a most holy thing. "Then the priest is to take some of the blood from the guilt offering and place it on the right earlobe of the person to be cleansed, on his right thumb, and on his right great toe.

Leviticus 19:20-22

"When a person has sexual relations with a woman servant who is engaged to another man, but she has not been completely redeemed nor has her freedom been granted to her, there is to be an inquiry, but they won't be put to death, since she has not been freed. The perpetrator is to bring his guilt offering to the LORD at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting that is, a ram as a guilt offering. Then the priest is to make atonement for him with the ram as a guilt offering in the LORD's presence on account of his sin which he has committed, but which will be forgiven him."

Numbers 6:12

He is to dedicate to the LORD the days of his consecration by bringing a year old male lamb as his offering. The previous time will have failed because his consecration became defiled.

Ezra 10:19

Pleading guilty, they promised to divorce their wives. Then they offered a ram from their flocks for their offense.

Ezekiel 40:38-39

There was a chamber with a doorway by the side pillars next to the gate where they prepare the burnt offerings. In the porch leading in front of the gate there were two tables on either side for slaughtering burnt offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings,

Ezekiel 42:13

Then he told me, "The north and south chamber, which are opposite the courtyard, are consecrated areas where the priests who approach the LORD will eat consecrated offerings and lay the consecrated grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings, because the area is holy.

Ezekiel 44:29

They are to eat the grain offerings, sin offering, and guilt offering. Everything consecrated in Israel is to belong to them.

Ezekiel 46:20

about which he said, "This is where the priests will be boiling the guilt and sin offerings and baking the grain offerings so they don't bring them through the outer courtyard, thus diminishing the people's holiness."

Isaiah 53:10

"Yet the LORD was willing to crush him, and he made him suffer. Although you make his soul an offering for sin, he will see his offspring, and he will prolong his days, and the will of the LORD will triumph in his hand.

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