Mixing People

Most Relevant Verses

Daniel 2:43

Just as you saw iron mixed with clay, so they will mix themselves with human offspring. Furthermore, they won't remain together, just as iron doesn't mix with clay.

Exodus 12:38

A mixed multitude also went up with them, along with a very large number of livestock, including sheep and cattle.

Ezra 9:2

because they and their sons have married foreign women. As a result, the holy people have mingled themselves among the nations of these lands. As a matter of fact, the senior officials and the rulers have been foremost in this sin."

Psalm 106:35

Instead, they mingled among the nations and learned their ways.

Hosea 7:8

"Ephraim compromises with the nations; he's a half-baked cake.

Nehemiah 13:3

When they heard the Law, they separated all those of foreign descent from Israel.

Zechariah 9:6

A strange people will inhabit Ashdod, and I will eliminate the arrogance of Philistia.

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