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7 Bible Verses about Not Being Still

Most Relevant Verses

Job 39:24

Leaping in his excitement, he takes in the ground; he cannot stand still when the trumpets sound!

Isaiah 65:6

Watch out! It stands written before me: "I won't keep silent, but I will pay back in full; I'll indeed repay into their laps

Psalm 83:1

God, do not rest! Don't be silent! Don't stay inactive, God!

Jeremiah 47:7

How can it be quiet, when the LORD has ordered disaster to come to Ashkelon and the seashore? That's where he has assigned it."

Genesis 8:9

but the dove could not yet find a place to rest, so it returned to Noah on the ark, since water still covered the land. Noah reached out his hand and took the dove back into the ark with him.

Amos 8:8

Surely the land will tremble because of this, won't it? And all who live in it will mourn, won't they? The entire land will swell up like a flooded river. It will be stirred up and then will sink like the river of Egypt.

1 Timothy 5:13

At the same time, they also learn how to be lazy while going from house to house. Not only this, but they even become gossips and keep busy by interfering in other people's lives, saying things they should not say.

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