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Theasaurus: Offal

8 Bible Verses about Offal

Most Relevant Verses

Malachi 2:3

Behold, I will rebuke your seed [grain -- "which will prevent due harvest], and I will spread the dung from the festival offerings upon your faces, and you shall be taken away with it.

Nahum 3:6

I will cast abominable things at you and make you filthy, treat you with contempt, and make you a gazingstock.

Exodus 29:14

But the flesh of the bull, its hide, and the contents of its entrails you shall burn with fire outside the camp; it is a sin offering.

Leviticus 4:11-12

But the hide of the bull and all its flesh, its head, its legs, its entrails, and its dung, Even the whole bull shall he carry forth without the camp to a clean place, where the ashes are poured out, and burn it on a fire of wood, there where the ashes are poured out.

Leviticus 8:17

But the bull [the sin offering] and its hide, its flesh, and its dung he burned with fire outside the camp, as the Lord commanded Moses.

Leviticus 16:27

The bull and the goat for the sin offering, whose blood was brought in to make atonement in the Holy of Holies, shall be carried forth without the camp; their skins, their flesh, and their dung shall be burned with fire.

Numbers 19:3-5

And you shall give her to Eleazar the priest, and he shall bring her outside the camp, and she shall be slaughtered before him. Eleazar the priest shall take some of her blood with his finger and sprinkle it toward the front of the Tent of Meeting seven times. The heifer shall be burned in his sight, her skin, flesh, blood, and dung.

Hebrews 13:11-13

For when the blood of animals is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest as a sacrifice for sin, the victims' bodies are burned outside the limits of the camp. Therefore Jesus also suffered and died outside the [city's] gate in order that He might purify and consecrate the people through [the shedding of] His own blood and set them apart as holy [for God]. Let us then go forth [from all that would prevent us] to Him outside the camp [at Calvary], bearing the contempt and abuse and shame with Him.