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9 Bible Verses about Pits Symbolizing Grief

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 38:17

Look! Bitterness was bitter to me for peace. And you were the one who loved my life from [the] pit of destruction, for you have cast all my sins behind your back.

Proverbs 28:17

A person who is burdened with [the] blood of {another}, until death he will flee; do not take hold of him.

Job 9:30-31

If I wash myself with soap, and I cleanse my hands with lye, then you plunge me into the [slime] pit, and my clothes abhor me.

Psalm 88:6

You have set me in [the] pit below, in dark places, in [the] depths.

Proverbs 23:27

For a deep pit is a prostitute, and a narrow well is {an adulteress}.

Lamentations 3:53-55

{They have silenced me in a pit}, they have thrown a stone at me. Water has flown over my head, I said, "I am cut off." I have called your name, O Yahweh, from the depths of the pit.

Zechariah 9:11

[As for] you also, because of the blood of your covenant, I will release your prisoners from {the waterless pit}.

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