Pursuing People

Most Relevant Verses

Leviticus 26:7

And you shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword.

Isaiah 41:3

He pursued them, and passed safely; even by the way that he had not gone with his feet.

Leviticus 26:8

And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.

Joshua 23:10

One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the LORD your God, he it is that fights for you, as he has promised you.

Deuteronomy 32:30

How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had given them up?

Isaiah 30:17

One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one; at the rebuke of five shall you flee: till you be left as a flagstaff upon the top of a mountain, and as a banner on a hill.

Joshua 10:19

And stay you not there, but pursue after your enemies, and attack their rear guards; allow them not to enter into their cities: for the LORD your God has delivered them into your hand.

Judges 8:4

And Gideon came to the Jordan, and passed over, he, and the three hundred men that were with him, faint, yet pursuing them.

Joshua 2:7

And the men pursued after them by the way to Jordan unto the fords: and as soon as they who pursued after them were gone out, they shut the gate.

2 Samuel 22:38

I have pursued my enemies, and destroyed them; and turned not again until I had consumed them.

Psalm 18:37

I have pursued my enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed.

Psalm 7:5

Let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the earth, and lay my honor in the dust. Selah.

Isaiah 30:16

But you said, No; for we will flee upon horses; therefore shall you flee: and, We will ride upon the swift; therefore shall they that pursue you be swift.

Hosea 8:3

Israel has cast off the thing that is good: the enemy shall pursue him.

Psalm 71:11

Saying, God has forsaken him: persecute and take him; for there is none to deliver him.

Exodus 15:9

The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them.

Lamentations 4:19

Our persecutors are swifter than the eagles of the heaven: they pursued us upon the mountains, they laid wait for us in the wilderness.

Lamentations 1:3

Judah has gone into captivity because of affliction, and because of great servitude: she dwells among the nations, she finds no rest: all her persecutors overtook her in her distress.

Lamentations 5:5

Our necks are under persecution: we labor, and have no rest.

2 Samuel 2:26

Then Abner called to Joab, and said, Shall the sword devour forever? know you not that it will be bitterness in the latter end? how long shall it be then, before you bid the people return from following their brethren?

Ezekiel 35:6

Therefore, as I live, says the Lord GOD, I will prepare you unto blood, and blood shall pursue you: since you have not hated blood, even blood shall pursue you.