Rash People

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 49:4

But unstable and boiling over like water, you shall not excel and have the preeminence [of the firstborn], because you went to your father's bed; you defiled it -- "he went to my couch!

Leviticus 5:4

Or if anyone unthinkingly swears he will do something, whether to do evil or good, whatever it may be that a man shall pronounce rashly taking an oath, then, when he becomes aware of it, he shall be guilty in either of these.

Psalm 106:33

For they provoked [Moses'] spirit, so that he spoke unadvisedly with his lips.

Job 6:3

For now it would be heavier than the sand of the sea; therefore my words have been rash and wild,

Job 15:12

Why does your heart carry you away [why allow yourself to be controlled by feeling]? And why do your eyes flash [in anger or contempt],

Isaiah 32:4

And the mind of the rash will understand knowledge and have good judgment, and the tongue of the stammerers will speak readily and plainly.

Proverbs 14:16

A wise man suspects danger and cautiously avoids evil, but the fool bears himself insolently and is [presumptuously] confident.

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