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13 Bible Verses about Rejecting Things

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 1:29

Because that they have hated knowledge, And the fear of Jehovah have not chosen.

Proverbs 1:30

They have not consented to my counsel, They have despised all my reproof,

Jeremiah 6:19

Hear, O earth, lo, I am bringing evil on this people, The fruit of their devices, For to My words they gave no attention, And My law -- they kick against it.

Ezekiel 5:6

And she changeth My judgments into wickedness more than the nations, And My statutes more than the lands that are round about her, For against My judgments they have kicked, And My statutes -- they have not walked in them.

Proverbs 3:31

Be not envious of a man of violence, Nor fix thou on any of his ways.

Ezekiel 20:16

Because against My judgments they did kick, And in My statutes they have not walked, And My sabbaths they have polluted, For after their idols their heart is going.

Hosea 8:5

Cast off hath thy calf, O Samaria, Burned hath Mine anger against them, Till when are they not capable of purity?

Amos 2:4

Thus said Jehovah: For three transgressions of Judah, And for four, I do not reserve it, Because of their loathing the law of Jehovah, And His statutes they have not kept, And their lies do cause them to err, After which their fathers did walk,

Lamentations 2:7

The Lord hath cast off His altar, He hath rejected His sanctuary, He hath shut up into the hand of the enemy The walls of her palaces, A noise they have made in the house of Jehovah Like a day of appointment.

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