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50 Bible Verses about Being Beautiful

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 29:17

and the eyes of Leah are tender, and Rachel hath been fair of form and fair of appearance.

Song of Solomon 4:7

Thou art all fair, my friend, And a blemish there is not in thee. Come from Lebanon, O spouse,

Psalm 66:8

Bless, ye peoples, our God, And sound the voice of His praise,

Genesis 12:11

and it cometh to pass as he hath drawn near to enter Egypt, that he saith unto Sarai his wife, 'Lo, I pray thee, I have known that thou art a woman of beautiful appearance;

Psalm 29:4

The voice of Jehovah is with power, The voice of Jehovah is with majesty,

2 Chronicles 2:5

And the house that I am building is great, for greater is our God than all gods;

Ecclesiastes 3:11

The whole He hath made beautiful in its season; also, that knowledge He hath put in their heart without which man findeth not out the work that God hath done from the beginning even unto the end.

Song of Solomon 1:5

Dark am I, and comely, daughters of Jerusalem, As tents of Kedar, as curtains of Solomon.

2 Chronicles 3:6

and he overlayeth the house with precious stone for beauty, and the gold is gold of Parvaim,

Psalm 71:8

Filled is my mouth with Thy praise, All the day with Thy beauty.

Psalm 40:5

Much hast Thou done, Jehovah my God; Thy wonders and Thy thoughts toward us, There is none to arrange unto Thee, I declare and speak: They have been more than to be numbered.

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