Six Thousand

Most Relevant Verses

1 Samuel 13:5

And the Philistines assembled to fight with Israel, thirty thousand chariots and six thousand horsemen and an army as numerous as sand which [is] on the seashore. And they came up and encamped at Micmash, east of Beth Aven.

1 Chronicles 23:4

Of these, [David said,] "Twenty-four thousand [are] to direct the work of the house of Yahweh, along with six thousand judges and officials

Job 42:12

So Yahweh blessed Job's latter days more than his beginning. {Thus he had} fourteen thousand sheep and goats and six thousand camels and a thousand pair of oxen and a thousand female donkeys.

Numbers 3:34

The {ones counted} according to the number of every male from {one month} and above [were] six thousand two hundred.

Ezra 2:67

their camels [numbered] four hundred and thirty-five, their donkeys [numbered] six thousand seven hundred and twenty.

Nehemiah 7:69

[there were] four hundred and thirty-five camels and six thousand seven hundred and twenty male donkeys.

1 Chronicles 12:24

The sons of Judah bearing shield and spear: six thousand eight hundred armed troops.

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