Thank Offering

Most Relevant Verses

Leviticus 7:15

The meat of his thanksgiving sacrifice of fellowship must be eaten on the day he offers it; he may not leave any of it until morning.

Leviticus 22:29

When you sacrifice a thank offering to the Lord, sacrifice it so that you may be accepted.

Leviticus 7:12-13

If he presents it for thanksgiving, in addition to the thanksgiving sacrifice, he is to present unleavened cakes mixed with olive oil, unleavened wafers coated with oil, and well-kneaded cakes of fine flour mixed with oil. He is to present as his offering cakes of leavened bread with his thanksgiving sacrifice of fellowship.

Leviticus 7:14

From the cakes he must present one portion of each offering as a contribution to the Lord. It will belong to the priest who sprinkles the blood of the fellowship offering; it is his.

Leviticus 22:29-30

When you sacrifice a thank offering to the Lord, sacrifice it so that you may be accepted. It is to be eaten on the same day. Do not let any of it remain until morning; I am Yahweh.

Psalm 50:23

Whoever sacrifices a thank offering honors Me,
and whoever orders his conduct,
I will show him the salvation of God.”

Psalm 107:21-22

Let them give thanks to the Lord
for His faithful love
and His wonderful works for all humanity. Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving
and announce His works with shouts of joy.

Psalm 56:12-13

I am obligated by vows to You, God;
I will make my thank offerings to You. For You delivered me from death,
even my feet from stumbling,
to walk before God in the light of life.

Psalm 7:17

I will thank the Lord for His righteousness;
I will sing about the name of Yahweh the Most High.

Psalm 66:13-14

I will enter Your house with burnt offerings;
I will pay You my vows that my lips promised
and my mouth spoke during my distress.

2 Chronicles 29:31

Hezekiah concluded, “Now you are consecrated to the Lord. Come near and bring sacrifices and thank offerings to the Lord’s temple.” So the congregation brought sacrifices and thank offerings, and all those with willing hearts brought burnt offerings.

2 Chronicles 33:15-16

He removed the foreign gods and the idol from the Lord’s temple, along with all the altars that he had built on the mountain of the Lord’s temple and in Jerusalem, and he threw them outside the city. He built the altar of the Lord and offered fellowship and thank offerings on it. Then he told Judah to serve Yahweh, the God of Israel.

Jeremiah 17:26

Then people will come from the cities of Judah and from the area around Jerusalem, from the land of Benjamin and from the Judean foothills, from the hill country and from the Negev bringing burnt offerings and sacrifice, grain offerings and frankincense, and thank offerings to the house of the Lord.

Jeremiah 33:11

a sound of joy and gladness, the voice of the groom and the bride, and the voice of those saying,Praise the Lord of Hosts,
for the Lord is good;
His faithful love endures foreveras they bring thank offerings to the temple of the Lord. For I will restore the fortunes of the land as in former times, says the Lord.

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