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9 Bible Verses about Things Going Up

Most Relevant Verses

Ecclesiastes 1:5

The sun rises and the sun sets;
panting, it returns to its place
where it rises.

Psalm 104:8

mountains rose and valleys sank—
to the place You established for them.

Amos 9:5

The Lord, the God of Hosts—
He touches the earth;
it melts, and all who dwell in it mourn;
all of it rises like the Nile
and subsides like the Nile of Egypt.

Matthew 2:9

After hearing the king, they went on their way. And there it was—the star they had seen in the east! It led them until it came and stopped above the place where the child was.

Matthew 13:5

Others fell on rocky ground, where there wasn’t much soil, and they sprang up quickly since the soil wasn’t deep.

Mark 4:5

Other seed fell on rocky ground where it didn’t have much soil, and it sprang up right away, since it didn’t have deep soil.

Acts 10:4

Looking intently at him, he became afraid and said, “What is it, lord?”The angel told him, “Your prayers and your acts of charity have come up as a memorial offering before God.

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