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14 Bible Verses about Things Like Silver

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 8:10

Receive my chastening and not silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold.

Proverbs 10:20

The tongue of the just is as choice silver, but the understanding of the wicked is worth little.

Ezekiel 22:22

As silver is melted in the midst of the furnace, so shall ye be melted in the midst thereof; and ye shall know that I the LORD have poured out my fury upon you.

Malachi 3:3

And he shall sit to refine and to purify the silver: for he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.

Zechariah 13:9

And I will put the third part into the fire and will refine them as silver is refined and will try them as gold is tried; He shall call on my name, and I will hear him; I will say, My people, and he shall say, The LORD is my God.

Jeremiah 6:30

Reprobate silver shall men call them because the LORD has rejected them.

Ezekiel 22:18

Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross; they are all brass and tin and iron and lead in the midst of the furnace; they are become the dross of silver.

Ecclesiastes 12:6

before the silver chain is broken, and the golden bowl is broken, and the pitcher is broken at the fountain, and the wheel is broken at the cistern;

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