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24 Bible Verses about Three Thousand And Up

Most Relevant Verses

Joshua 7:3

and they turn back unto Joshua, and say unto him, 'Let not all the people go up; let about two thousand men, or about three thousand men, go up, and they smite Ai; cause not all the people to labour thither; for they are few.'

Joshua 7:4

And there go up of the people thither about three thousand men, and they flee before the men of Ai,

Exodus 32:28

And the sons of Levi do according to the word of Moses, and there fall of the people on that day about three thousand men,

Judges 15:11

And three thousand men of Judah go down unto the cleft of the rock Etam, and say to Samson, 'Hast thou now known that the Philistines are rulers over us? and what is this thou hast done to us?' And he saith to them, 'As they did to me, so I did to them.'

1 Samuel 13:2

and Saul chooseth for himself three thousand men out of Israel; and two thousand are with Saul in Michmash, and in the hill-country of Beth-El; and a thousand have been with Jonathan in Gibeah of Benjamin; and the remnant of the people he hath sent each to his tents.

1 Samuel 24:2

And Saul taketh three thousand chosen men out of all Israel, and goeth to seek David and his men, on the front of the rocks of the wild goats,

1 Samuel 26:2

And Saul riseth, and goeth down unto the wilderness of Ziph, and with him three thousand men, chosen ones of Israel, to seek David in the wilderness of Ziph.

1 Chronicles 12:29

And of the sons of Benjamin, brethren of Saul, are three thousand, and hitherto their greater part are keeping the charge of the house of Saul.

2 Chronicles 25:13

And the sons of the troop that Amaziah hath sent back from going with him to battle -- they rush against cities of Judah, from Samaria even unto Beth-Horon, and smite of them three thousand, and seize much prey.

Judges 16:27

And the house hath been full of men and of women, and thither are all the princes of the Philistines, and on the roof are about three thousand men and women, who are looking on the playing of Samson.

1 Samuel 25:2

And there is a man in Maon, and his work is in Carmel; and the man is very great, and he hath three thousand sheep, and a thousand goats; and he is shearing his flock in Carmel.

2 Chronicles 29:33

And the sanctified things are oxen six hundred, and sheep three thousand.

2 Chronicles 35:7

And Josiah lifteth up to the sons of the people a flock of lambs and young goats, the whole for passover-offerings, for every one who is found, to the number of thirty thousand, and oxen three thousand: these are from the substance of the king.

Job 1:3

and his substance is seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred pairs of oxen, and five hundred she-asses, and a service very abundant; and that man is greater than any of the sons of the east.

1 Kings 4:32

And he speaketh three thousand similes, and his songs are five, and the chief one;

Jeremiah 52:28

This is the people whom Nebuchadrezzar hath removed: in the seventh year, of Jews, three thousand and twenty and three;

Numbers 4:44

even their numbered ones, by their families, are three thousand and two hundred.

1 Kings 5:16

apart from the heads of the officers of Solomon, who are over the work, three thousand and three hundred, those ruling over the people who are working in the business.

2 Chronicles 2:2

and Solomon numbereth seventy thousand men bearing burden, and eighty thousand men hewing in the mountain, and overseers over them -- three thousand and six hundred.

2 Chronicles 2:18

and he maketh of them seventy thousand burden-bearers, and eighty thousand hewers in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred overseers, to cause the people to work.

Ezra 2:35

Sons of Senaah, three thousand and six hundred and thirty.

1 Chronicles 12:27

and Jehoiada is the leader of the Aaronite, and with him are three thousand and seven hundred,

Nehemiah 7:38

Sons of Senaah: three thousand nine hundred and thirty.

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