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17 Bible Verses about Unnamed People Angry With Others

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 119:53

Burning indignation hath taken hold upon me because of the wicked who forsake thy law.

Psalm 124:3

Then they had swallowed us up alive, when their anger was kindled against us;

Proverbs 27:3

A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's vexation is heavier than them both.

Hosea 7:6

For they have applied their heart like an oven to their lying in wait: their baker sleepeth all the night; in the morning it burneth like a flaming fire.

Mark 14:4

And there were some indignant in themselves, and saying, Why has this waste been made of the ointment?

Song of Solomon 1:6

Look not upon me, because I am black; Because the sun hath looked upon me. My mother's children were angry with me: They made me keeper of the vineyards; Mine own vineyard have I not kept.

Matthew 20:24

And the ten, having heard of it, were indignant about the two brothers.

Mark 10:41

And the ten having heard of it, began to be indignant about James and John.

Acts 7:54

And hearing these things they were cut to the heart, and gnashed their teeth against him.

Luke 15:28

But he became angry and would not go in. And his father went out and besought him.

Job 40:11

Cast abroad the ragings of thine anger, and look on every one that is proud, and abase him:

Isaiah 41:11

Lo, all that are incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded; they that strive with thee shall be as nothing, and shall perish.

1 Samuel 29:4

But the princes of the Philistines were wroth with him; and the princes of the Philistines said to him, Make the man return, that he may go again to his place where thou hast appointed him, that he go not down with us to the battle, that in the battle he be not an adversary to us; for wherewith should this fellow reconcile himself to his master? should it not be with the heads of these men?

Daniel 8:6

And he came to the ram that had the two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran upon him in the fury of his power.

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