Wanting To Die

Most Relevant Verses

1 Kings 19:2-4

Jezebel sent a messenger to tell Elijah, "May the gods do the same to me and even more if tomorrow about this time I haven't made you like one of those prophets you had killed." Elijah was terrified, so he got up and ran for his life to Beer-sheba, which is part of Judah, and left his servant there and ran for a day's journey deep into the wilderness. He found a juniper tree, sat down under it, and prayed that he could die. He asked God, "Enough! LORD! Take my life, because I'm not better than my ancestors!"

Job 3:1-14

After this, Job spoke up solemnly, cursing the day he was born. This is what Job said: "Let the day when I was born be annihilated, along with the night when it was announced, "It's a boy!'read more.
Let that day be dark; let God above not care about it; let no light shine over it. Let darkness and deep gloom reclaim it; let clouds settle down on it; let blackness in mid-day terrify it. Let darkness carry that night away; let it not take its place joyfully among the days of the year; let it not be entered into the calendar. "Yes, let that night be barren; let it not appear with its joyful shout. Let whoever curses days curse it those who are ready to awaken monsters. Let the stars of its evening twilight be dark; let it hope for light but let there be none; let it not see the breaking rays of the dawn. "Because that night refused to shut the doors of my mother's womb; it failed to keep me from seeing this trouble. Why didn't I die while I was still in the womb, or die while I was being born? Why was there a lap to hold me, and why were there breasts to nurse me? "If I had died, I would be lying down by now, undisturbed, asleep, and at rest, along with kings and counselors of the earth, who used to build for themselves what are now only ruins,

Job 6:8-11

"Who will grant my wish? I wish God would grant what I'm hoping for: that God would just be willing to crush me; that he would let loose and eliminate me! At least I could still take comfort and rejoice in unceasing anguish, for I didn't conceal what the Holy One has to say.read more.
"Do I have the strength to wait? And why should I be patient?

Jonah 4:8

When the sun rose, God prepared a harsh east wind. The sun beat down on Jonah's head, he became faint, and he begged to die. "It is better for me to die than to live!" he said.

Philippians 1:20-23

I rejoice because I eagerly expect and hope that I will have nothing to be ashamed of, because through my boldness the Messiah will be exalted through me, now as always, whether I live or die. For to me, to go on living is the Messiah, and to die is gain. Now if I continue living, fruitful labor is the result, so I do not know which I would prefer. read more.
Indeed, I cannot decide between the two. I have the desire to leave this life and be with the Messiah, for that is far better.

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