Wild Donkeys

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 16:12

This man will be like a wild donkey.
His hand will be against everyone,
and everyone’s hand will be against him;
he will live at odds with all his brothers.

Job 39:5

Who set the wild donkey free?
Who released the swift donkey from its harness?

Job 39:5-8

Who set the wild donkey free?
Who released the swift donkey from its harness? I made the wilderness its home,
and the salty wasteland its dwelling. It scoffs at the noise of the village
and never hears the shouts of a driver.read more.
It roams the mountains for its pastureland,
searching for anything green.

Job 6:5

Does a wild donkey bray over fresh grass
or an ox low over its fodder?

Psalm 104:11

They supply water for every wild beast;
the wild donkeys quench their thirst.

Job 11:12

But a stupid man will gain understanding
as soon as a wild donkey is born a man!

Job 24:5

Like wild donkeys in the desert,
the poor go out to their task of foraging for food;
the wilderness provides nourishment for their children.

Jeremiah 14:6

Wild donkeys stand on the barren heights
panting for air like jackals.
Their eyes fail
because there are no green plants.

Isaiah 32:14

For the palace will be forsaken,
the busy city abandoned.
The hill and the watchtower will become
barren places forever,
the joy of wild donkeys,
and a pasture for flocks,

Daniel 5:21

He was driven away from people, his mind was like an animal’s, he lived with the wild donkeys, he was fed grass like cattle, and his body was drenched with dew from the sky until he acknowledged that the Most High God is ruler over the kingdom of men and sets anyone He wants over it.

Hosea 8:9

For they have gone up to Assyria
like a wild donkey going off on its own.
Ephraim has paid for love.

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