10 occurrences

'Arrange' in the Bible

If you see the donkey of your enemy lying down under its burden, you will refrain from abandoning him. You will surely arrange [it] with him.

In the tent of assembly outside the curtain that [is] before the testimony, Aaron and his sons will arrange it, from evening until morning, before Yahweh [as] a lasting statute throughout their generations from the {Israelites}.

And you will bring the table, and you will arrange its setting, and you will bring the lampstand, and you will set up its lamps.

The sons of Aaron the priest will put fire on the altar and arrange the wood on the fire.

Then Aaron's sons, the priests, will arrange the pieces [of meat], the head, and the suet on the wood that [is] on the fire that [is] on the altar.

Then he must cut it into pieces [along] with its head and its suet; and the priest will arrange them on the wood that [is] on the fire that [is] on the altar.

but the fire on the altar must be kept burning on it; it must not be quenched. And the priest must burn wood {every morning} on it, and he shall arrange the burnt offering on it, and he shall turn into smoke the fat portions of the fellowship offerings on it.

Aaron shall arrange for it {outside} the curtain of the testimony in [the] tent of assembly from evening until morning {before} Yahweh continually; [it shall be] a {lasting statute} throughout your generations.

On the pure [golden] lampstand he shall arrange for the lamps {before} Yahweh continually.

{On every Sabbath} he shall arrange it in rows {before} Yahweh continually; [they are] from the {Israelites} [as] an everlasting covenant.

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