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'Churning' in the Bible

You divided the sea before them,and they crossed through it on dry ground.You hurled their pursuers into the depthslike a stone into churning waters.

I am churning within and cannot rest;days of suffering confront me.

For the churning of milk produces butter,and twisting a nose draws blood,and stirring up anger produces strife.

Look, a storm from the Lord!Wrath has gone out,a churning storm.It will whirl about the heads of the wicked.

?ReshLord, see how I am in distress.I am churning within;my heart is broken,for I have been very rebellious.Outside, the sword takes the children;inside, there is death.

?KafMy eyes are worn out from weeping;I am churning within.My heart is poured out in griefbecause of the destruction of my dear people,because children and infants faintin the streets of the city.

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