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'Limit' in the Bible

“You also put my feet in the stocks [as punishment]And [critically] observe all my paths;You set a circle and limit around the soles of my feet [which I must not overstep],

“Do you hear the secret counsel of God,And do you limit [the possession of] wisdom to yourself?

“He has inscribed a circular limit (the horizon) on the face of the watersAt the boundary between light and darkness.

When He set for the sea its boundarySo that the waters would not transgress [the boundaries set by] His command,When He marked out the foundations of the earth—

Ethiopia was her strength,And Egypt too, without limits.Put and Lubim were among her helpers.

We, on the other hand, will not boast beyond our proper limit, but [will keep] within the limits of our commission (territory, authority) which God has granted to us as a measure, which reaches and includes even you.

We do not go beyond our proper limit, boasting in the work of other men, but we have the hope that as your faith [in Christ and His divine power] continues to grow, our field among you may be greatly expanded [but still within the limits of our commission],

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גּבל גּבוּל 
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