1 A case of immorality is reported as actually existing among you, an immorality unheard of even among the heathen that a man cohabits with his father's wife. 2 And yet, you are proud of it, instead of being sorry for it, and seeing to it that the man who has done this be removed from your membership! 3 For my part, though I have been absent from you in person, I have been present with you in spirit, and so as really present, by the authority of our Lord Jesus, I have already passed judgment upon the man who has done this -- 4 for when you met I too met with you in spirit by the power of our Lord Jesus -- 5 to turn such a man as this over to Satan for the destruction of his lower nature, in order that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.
6 Your ground for boasting about such a case is not good. Are you not aware that a little yeast will change the whole lump of dough? 7 You must clean out the old yeast, that you may be a fresh lump, as you are to be free from the old yeast. For our Passover Lamb, Christ, has already been sacrificed. 8 So let us keep our feast, not with old yeast nor with the yeast of vice and wickedness, but with the bread of purity and truth without the yeast.
9 I wrote you in my letter to stop associating with sexually immoral people -- 10 not that you are to stop all dealings with sexually immoral people of this world, any more than with its greedy graspers, or its idolaters, for then you would have to get clear out of the world. 11 Now what I really meant was for you to stop associating with any so-called brother, if he is sexually immoral, a greedy grasper, an idolater, a slanderer, a drunkard, or a swindler -- with such a person you must even stop eating. 12 For what right have I to judge outsiders? Is it not for you to judge those who are inside the church, 13 but for God to judge those who are outside? You must expel that wicked person from your membership.