1 Don't treat a senior with harsh reproof, but exhort him as a father, and the young men, as brethren: 2 the elder women as mothers; the younger, as sisters, with all purity.
3 show regard to widows that are really such. 4 if a widow has children or grand-children, let them above all things instruct their own family to be religious, and let them be grateful to their parents, for this is acceptable to God. 5 as for the widow, who is really such, and without any assistance, let her place all her hopes in God, and be assiduous in supplication and prayer. 6 the widow of pleasure is dead tho' she lives. 7 these things recommend to them, that they may be without reproach. 8 he that takes no care of his relations, especially those of his own family, has renounc'd the faith and is worse than an infidel.
9 Let none be put upon the list of widows, but such as are at least threescore years of age, and have been married but once: 10 such as have been recommended by their good actions, by the education of their children, by their hospitality, by their officiousness to the faithful, by relieving the afflicted, and by the practice of every virtue. 11 as for young widows, don't admit them: for being impatient of religious restraint, they will be marry'd: 12 for which they are much to be condemn'd, because they violate the engagements they had before enter'd into: 13 besides, having nothing to do, they get the habit of rambling from one house to another, and are not only idling, but prattle and intermeddle, and utter what is not decent. 14 I enjoin therefore the young women to marry, to detest abortion, to govern their families, and give our enemies no handle for reproach. 15 for some have already revolted to paganism. 16 If any convert has widow-relations, let such relieve them, that the church may not be charged, but with the relief of such as are entirely destitute.
17 Let the presbyters that govern well receive a double salary, especially those who are employ'd in preaching and instructing. 18 for the scripture says, "thou shalt not muzzle the ox, when he treads the corn." and, "the labourer is worthy of his reward."
19 don't receive any accusation against a pastor, but upon the deposition of two or three witnesses. 20 Those that transgress reprove in publick, to strike a terror in the rest. 21 I conjure you before God, before our Lord Jesus Christ, and his chosen angels, to observe these rules without prepossession and partiality. 22 Don't be hasty to ordain any man: and be not accessory to the faults of others: preserve your own integrity. 23 Discontinue the drinking of bare water, take a litle wine out of regard to your weak stomach, and your frequent indispositions. 24 The vices of some men are so notorious, they prevent any inquisition: others don't discover themselves till they have been ordain'd. 25 virtue wears no disguise, and vice cannot be long conceal'd.