Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.

Bible References

That loveth

1 John 3:14
as for us, we know, that we have passed from a state of death to that of life, because we love our brethren: he that does not love his brother, is in a destructive state.
John 8:31
Jesus said therefore to those Jews who believed on him, if you adhere to my doctrine, then will you be my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth,
Romans 14:13
let us not judge one another any more: but rather come to this determination, not to put a stumbling-block, or any thing in a brother's way, that may make him fall.
2 Peter 1:10
Wherefore be the more diligent, my brethren, to secure your vocation and election by your virtuous actions, for by so doing, you will never relapse:

Occasion of stumbling

Matthew 13:21
but having no root in him he has only an occasional faith: for as soon as any oppression or persecution arises upon account of the gospel, he presently relapses.
Matthew 18:7
wo unto the world, because of such scandals: tho' it cannot be, but that such occasions of relapsing should happen: yet wo to that man by whom the scandal cometh.
Luke 17:1
Then said Jesus to his disciples, it is impossible but that discouragements should come: but wo to him, who is the occasion of them.
Romans 9:32
why? because they sought it not by faith, but indeed by the works of the law: for they stumbled at that stumbling-stone;
Philippians 1:10
that being capable to distinguish what is best, you may remain stedfastly sincere until the day of Christ,

General references

John 11:10
but if a man travels by night he stumbles, because there is no light for him.
John 13:35
by this mutual love shall all men know that you are my disciples.
John 15:12
this is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.
Hebrews 13:1
Let brotherly love still reign.