Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he built the inner court with three rows of hewed stone, and a row of cedar beams.

Bible References

The inner

Exodus 27:9
And make an enclosure to the tent: for the side south of the right hand, curtains for the enclosure, twisted byssus a hundred of cubits the length, for the one side.
Exodus 38:9
And he will make the enclosure: to the south side southward, the curtains of the enclosure twisted byssus, a hundred cubits.
2 Chronicles 4:9
And he will make the enclosure of the priests, and the great terrace, and the doors to the terrace, and he overlaid their doors with brass.
2 Chronicles 7:7
And Solomon will consecrate the midst of the enclosure which was before the house of Jehovah, for he did there the burnt-offerings and the fat of the peace, for the altar of brass which Solomon made was not able to contain the burnt-offering and the gift and the fat.
Revelation 11:2
And the court-yard that without the temple throw out, and thou mayest not measure it: for it was given to the nations: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty-two months.