1 But I purposed in my self, I would not be the occasion of any uneasiness to you when I come again. 2 why should I make you uneasy, for who then could give me comfort, but those to whom I give uneasiness? 3 and I wrote to you upon that disagreeable subject, that when I came, I might not receive uneasiness from those from whom I ought to receive comfort, being persuaded that you will all think yourselves interested to promote my satisfaction. 4 for out of much affliction and anguish of heart, I wrote to you with many tears; not to make you uneasy, but to make you sensible of the overflowing tenderness which I have for you.
5 The affliction I have had, comes only from a particular quarter, so that my resentment does not affect the whole church. 6 the punishment, which was inflicted by the community, is sufficient on this occasion. 7 so that now you ought rather to forgive, and comfort him, for fear he should be overwhelm'd by an excess of sorrow. 8 wherefore, pray, convince him of your affection to him: 9 for this was one view I had in writing, to have this trial of you, whether you are intirely obedient. 10 to whom you forgive any thing, I also forgive: for if I have forgiven any thing, I forgave it, for your sakes (as Christ is 11 witness) lest satan should have got some advantage of us: for we are apprized of his artifices.
12 When an opportunity was given me by the Lord to preach the gospel of Christ, upon my arrival at Troas, 13 I was so uneasy in my mind for not finding Titus my brother, that taking my leave of them, I went from thence into Macedonia.
14 but thanks be to God, who maketh me triumph, thro' Christ, and spreads his healing doctrine by me, in eevery place: 15 for God is pleased to accept my christian labours, in favour both of those who are in a saving, and of those who are in a ruinous state: 16 by the one my preaching is taken as a deadly poison, to the other it is a reviving potion. and who is so sufficient for such a commission? 17 for we are not like others, who adulterate the word of God; but we preach the pure gospel of Christ, as I receiv'd it from God, and as in the presence of God.