1 Moreover we make known unto you, brethren, the favour of God which hath been given in the assemblies of Macedonia, - 2 That, in a great testing of tribulation, the superabounding of their joy and their deep destitution, superabounded unto the riches of their liberality; 3 That, according to power, I bear witness, and beyond power, of their own accord, they acted , - 4 With much exhortation, entreating of us the favour and the fellowship of the ministry which was for the saints; - 5 And, not merely as we hoped, but, themselves, gave they, first, unto the Lord and unto us through God's will, 6 To the end we should exhort Titus, in order that, according as he before made a beginning, so, he should also complete unto you this favour also. 7 But, just as, in everything, ye superabound, - in faith, and discourse, and knowledge, and all earnestness, and in the love among you which proceedeth from us, in order that, in this favour also, ye would superabound.
8 Not by way of injunction, do I speak, but through, others', earnestness, and, the genuineness of your own love, putting to the test. 9 For ye are taking knowledge of the favour of our Lord Jesus Christ, - how that, for your sakes, he became destitute - although he was, rich, in order that, ye, by his destitution, might be enriched. 10 And, a judgment, herein, do I give, - for, this, unto you, is profitable, - who, indeed, not only of the doing, but of the desiring, made for yourselves a beginning a year ago; - 11 Howbeit, now, the doing also, complete ye, in order that, even according to the forwardness of the desiring, so, may be the completing - out of what ye have. 12 For, if the forwardness is set forth, according to what one may have, he is well approved, not according to what one hath not. 13 For, not that unto others should be relief, and unto you distress do I speak , but, by equality, in the present season, your surplus for their deficiency, - 14 In order that their surplus may come to be for your deficiency: that there may come about an equality: - 15 Even as it is written - He that gathered the much, had not more than enough, and, he that gathered the little, had not less,
16 Thanks, however, unto God! - who is putting the same earnestness in your behalf in the heart of Titus, 17 In that, though, indeed, the exhortation, he welcomed; yet already being, greatly in earnest, of his own accord, hath he gone forth unto you. 18 Howbeit, we also set forward, with him, the brother, whose praise in the Glad Tidings, hath gone through all the assemblies: - 19 Not only so, however, but he hath also been appointed by the assemblies, as a fellow-traveler with us in this favour, which is being ministered by us with a view to the Lord's glory and our earnest desire: - 20 Arranging this - lest anyone, upon us, should cast blame, in this munificence which is being ministered by us; 21 For we provide things honourable, not only before the Lord, but also before men. 22 Moreover we have set forward, with them, our brother whom we have proved, in many things, ofttimes, earnest, - but, now, much more earnest, by reason of the great confidence which he hath towards you. 23 Whether as regardeth Titus, he is a partner of mine, and, towards you, a fellow-worker. or our brethren, apostles of assemblies, and Christ's glory. 24 The proof of your love, therefore, and of our boasting in your behalf, shew ye, unto them, in the face of the assemblies.