Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Moreover concerning the stranger, which is not of thy people Israel, but is come from a far country for thy great name's sake, and thy mighty hand, and thy stretched out arm; if they come and pray in this house;

Bible References

The stranger

Exodus 12:48
And when there may sojourn with thee a sojourner who may wish to keep a passover to Yahweh, there must be circumcised to him every male and then, may he draw near to keep it, so shall he be as a native of the land, - but no uncircumcised male, shall eat thereof.
Ruth 1:16
And Ruth said - Do not urge me to leave thee, to go back from following thee, - for, whither thou goest, I will go, and, where thou lodgest, I will lodge, thy people, shall be my people, and, thy God, my God;
Ruth 2:11
And Boaz answered, and said to her, It hath been, told, me - all that thou hast done unto thy mother-in-law, since the death of thy husband, - and how thou hast left thy father and thy mother, and the land of thy nativity, and come unto a people whom thou knewest not, aforetime.
1 Kings 8:41
Moreover also, unto the stranger, who is, not of thy people Israel, - but hath come in out of a far country, for the sake of thy Name, -
1 Kings 10:1
And, when, the queen of Sheba, heard the report of Solomon, as pertaining to the Name of Yahweh, she came to prove him, with abstruse questions.
Isaiah 56:3
And let not the son of the foreigner, who hath joined himself unto Yahweh, speak, saying, Yahweh, will separate, me from his people, Neither let the eunuch, say, Lo! I, am a tree dried up!
Matthew 2:1
Now, when, Jesus, was born in Bethlehem of Judaea, in the days of Herod the king, lo! wise men from eastern parts, came into Jerusalem:
Matthew 8:10
Now Jesus, hearing, marveled, and said to them that followed, - Verily, I say unto you, With no one in Israel, such faith as this, have I found.
John 10:16
And, other sheep, have I, which are not of this fold: those also, I must needs bring, and, unto my voice, will they hearken, and there shall come to be, One flock, One shepherd.
John 12:20
Now there were certain Greeks, from among them who were coming up that they might worship in the feast.
Acts 8:27
And, arising, he journeyed. And lo! a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch, one in power under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who was over all her treasure whohad come to worship in Jerusalem;
Acts 10:1
But, a certain man in Caesarea, by name Cornelius, a centurion of the band called Italian, -
Ephesians 2:12
That ye were, in that season, separate from Christ, alienated from the citizenship of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and godless in the world;

Is come

Exodus 18:8
Then Moses recounted to his father-in-law, all that Yahweh had done to Pharaoh and to the Egyptians, for Israel's sake, - all the hardship which had befallen them by the way, and how Yahweh had delivered them.
Joshua 2:9
and said unto the men, I know that Yahweh hath given unto you the land, - and that the terror of you hath fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land, have melted away, from before you.
Joshua 9:9
And they said unto him - From a very far country, have thy servants come, because of the name of Yahweh thy God, - because we had heard his fame, and all that he had done in Egypt;
2 Kings 5:3
And she said unto her mistress, Ah! would that my lord were before the prophet, who is in Samaria! then, would he set him free from his leprosy.
Isaiah 60:1
Arise - shine, For thy light, hath come, - And, the glory of Yahweh, on thee, hath beamed;
Zechariah 8:22
So shall enter many peoples, and strong nations, to seek Yahweh of hosts in Jerusalem, - and to pacify the face of Yahweh.
Matthew 12:42
The queen of the south, will arise in the judgment with this generation and will condemn it - because she came out of the ends of the earth, to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and lo! something greater than Solomon, here.

Thy mighty

Exodus 3:19
But, I, know, that the king of Egypt will not suffer you to go, - not even by a firm hand.
Exodus 13:14
And it shall be when thy son shall ask thee in time to come, saying, What is this? Then shalt thou say unto him: With strength of hand, did Yahweh bring us forth out of Egypt out of the house of slaves.
Psalm 89:13
Thine is an arm with might, Strong is thy hand, High is thy right hand;

If they come

Isaiah 66:20
Then shall they bring in all your brethren out of all the nations, As a present unto Yahweh, Upon horses and in chariots and in palanquins and on mules and on dromedaries Unto my holy mountain - Jerusalem, saith Yahweh, - Just as the sons of Israel, bring in their present in a pure vessel, into the house, of Yahweh.
Zechariah 14:16
And it shall come to pass, that, as for every one that is left out of all the nations that came against Jerusalem, that they shall come up, from year to year, to bow down to the king, Yahweh of hosts, and to celebrate the festival of booths.
Acts 2:10
Phrygia also and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of the Libya that is towards Cyrene, and the sojourning Romans, - both Jews and proselytes,