Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes,

Bible References


Acts 16:6
And they passed through the Phrygian and Galatian country, being forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia;
Acts 18:23
and, spending some time, he went forth, passing through, in order, the country of Galatia and Phrygia, confirming all the disciples.


Acts 13:13
And, setting sail from Paphos, Paul's company came into Perga of Pamphylia; but, John, withdrawing from them, returned unto Jerusalem.
Acts 14:24
And, passing through Pisidia, they came into Pamphylia;
Acts 15:38
but Paul deemed it right, as to him who had withdrawn from them, back from Pamphylia, and had not gone with them unto the work, not to be taking with them, this, man.
Acts 27:5
and, sailing across the sea which is off Cilicia and Pamphylia, we came down to Myra, a city of Lycia.


Genesis 12:10
And it came to pass that there was a famine, in the land, - so Abram went down towards Egypt, to sojourn there, because grievous, was the famine in the land.
Isaiah 19:23
In that day, shall there be a highway. from Egypt to Assyria, And, the Assyrians, shall come into Egypt, And, the Egyptians, into Assyria; And, the Egyptians shall serve, with the Assyrians.
Jeremiah 9:26
Upon Egypt and upon Judah, And upon Edom, and upon the sons of Ammon, And upon Moab, And upon all the clipped beards, The dwellers in the desert, - For, all the nations, are uncircumcised, And, all the house of Israel, are uncircumcised in heart.
Hosea 11:1
When Israel was, a child, then I loved him, - and, out of Egypt, called I my son.
Matthew 2:15
and was there, until the death of Herod, - that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt, called I my son.
Revelation 11:8
And their dead bodies lie upon the broadway of the great city, the which is called, spiritually, Sodom and Egypt, where, their Lord also was crucified.


Jeremiah 46:9
Mount the horses, And drive the chariots madly on, So let the heroes, go forth, - Ethiopians and Libyans that grasp the buckler, And Lydians that grasp - that tread - the bow, But, that day, belongeth to My Lord Yahweh of hosts -
Ezekiel 30:5
Ethiopia and Libya and Lydia, and all the mixed multitude and Cub, and the sons of the land of the covenant with them - by the sword, shall they fall.
Daniel 11:43
and he will have authority over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the delightful things of Egypt, - with Libyans and Ethiopians among his followers;


Acts 18:2
and, finding a certain Jew, by name Aquila, of Pontus by birth, - lately come from Italy, and Priscilla his wife, because Claudius had ordered all the Jews to be leaving Rome, he came unto them,
Acts 23:11
But, on the following night, the Lord, standing over him, said - Be of good courage! for, as thou hast fully borne witness of the things concerning me in Jerusalem, so must thou, in Rome also, bear witness.
Acts 28:15
And, when from thence the brethren heard the tidings concerning us, they came to meet us, as far as The Market of Appius and the Three Taverns - seeing whom, Paul thanked God, and took courage.
Romans 1:7
Unto all that are in Rome, beloved of God, called saints, favour unto you, and peace, from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.
2 Timothy 1:17
But, happening to be in Rome, he diligently sought out and found me, -


Acts 6:5
And the word was pleasing in the sight of all the throng; and they selected Stephen, a man full of faith and Holy Spirit, and Philip and Prochorus and Nicanor and Timon and Parmenas and Nicholaus, a proselyte of Antioch;
Acts 13:43
And, when the congregation was broken up, there followed many of the Jews, and of the devout proselytes, with Paul and Barnabas; who, indeed, in speaking unto them, went on persuading them to abide in the favour of God.
Esther 8:17
And, in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the word of the king and his edict did reach, joy and gladness, had the Jews, - a banquet and a happy day, - and, many from among the peoples of the land, were becoming Jews, for the dread of the Jews had fallen upon them.
Zechariah 8:20
Thus, saith Yahweh of hoses, - It shall yet be that there shall come in peoples, and the inhabitants of many cities;