Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Jehoahaz slept with his fathers; and they buried him in Samaria: and Joash his son reigned in his stead.

Bible References

Buried him

2 Kings 13:13
So Joash died, as did his ancestors, and Jeroboam assumed his throne after Joash was buried in Samaria with the kings of Israel.
2 Kings 10:35
Then Jehu died, as did his ancestors, and they buried him in Samaria. His son Jehoahaz reigned in his place.
1 Kings 14:13
Everyone in Israel will mourn for him and will bury him, because he alone from Jeroboam's family will receive a decent burial, because something good was observed in him with respect to the LORD God of Israel out of all the household of Jeroboam!

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