Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And king Ahaz went to Damascus to meet Tiglathpileser king of Assyria, and saw an altar that was at Damascus: and king Ahaz sent to Urijah the priest the fashion of the altar, and the pattern of it, according to all the workmanship thereof.

Bible References

Saw an altar

Deuteronomy 12:30
Watch to thyself lest thou shalt be snared after them after their being destroyed from before thee; and lest thou shalt seek to their gods, saying, How shall these nations serve their gods? and so will I do also.
2 Chronicles 28:23
And he will sacrifice to the gods of Darmesek smiting upon him: and he will say, Because the gods of the kings of Aram they help them, to them will I sacrifice, and they will help me. And they were to him for stumbling, and to all Israel.
Jeremiah 10:2
Thus said Jehovah, Ye shall not learn according to the way of the nations, and from the signs of the heavens ye shall not be terrified; for the nations will be terrified from them.
Ezekiel 23:16
And she will desire after them at the sight of her eyes, and she will send messengers to them to Chaldea.
Romans 12:2
And be ye not conformed to this life, but be transformed by the renovation of your mind, for you to prove what the good, and the pleasing, and the perfected will of God.
1 Peter 1:18
Knowing that not with corruptible things, silver and gold, were ye redeemed from your vain mode of life transmitted from your fathers

The pattern

Exodus 24:4
And Moses will write all the words of Jehovah, and he will rise early in the morning, and will build an altar under the mountain, and twelve pillars for the twelve tribes of Israel.
Exodus 39:43
And Moses will see all the work, and behold, they made it as Jehovah commanded, thus did they: and Moses praised them.
1 Chronicles 28:11
And David will give to Solomon his son a pattern of the porch, and its houses, and its treasuries, and its upper chambers, and its apartments within, and the house of the expiation
Psalm 106:39
And they will be defiled with their works: and they will commit fornication in their doings.
Ezekiel 43:8
In their giving their threshold with my thresholds, and their door-post by my door-posts, and the wall between me and between them, and they defiled my holy name with their abominations which they did: and consuming them in my anger.
Matthew 15:6
And should not honour his father or his mother. And ye have annulled the command of God by your tradition.