Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And king Ahaz commanded Urijah the priest, saying, Upon the great altar burn the morning burnt offering, and the evening meat offering, and the king's burnt sacrifice, and his meat offering, with the burnt offering of all the people of the land, and their meat offering, and their drink offerings; and sprinkle upon it all the blood of the burnt offering, and all the blood of the sacrifice: and the brasen altar shall be for me to inquire by.

Bible References

The morning

2 Kings 3:20
And it came to pass, in the morning, when the offering ascended, that lo! waters, were coming in from the way of Edom, - and the land was filled with the water.
Exodus 29:39
The one lamb, shalt thou offer in the morning, and the second lamb, shalt thou offer between the evenings;
Numbers 28:2
Command the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say unto them, - My offering, my food for my altar-flames my satisfying odour, shall ye take heed to offer unto me in its season,
Daniel 9:21
while yet I was speaking in prayer, then, the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in vision at the beginning, wearied with rapid flight, touched me, about the time of the evening present.
Daniel 11:31
And, arms, from him, will arise, - and will profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and will set aside the continual ascending-sacrifice , and place the horrid abomination that astoundeth.
Daniel 12:11
and, from the time of the taking away of the continual ascending-sacrifice , and the placing of the horrid abomination that astoundeth, shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.

The king's burnt

Leviticus 4:13
And, if the whole assembly of Israel, shall make a mistake, and a matter be hidden from the eyes of the convocation, - and so they do something, whereby they depart from any of the commandments of Yahweh as to things which should not be done, and become guilty;
2 Samuel 6:17
So they brought in the ark of Yahweh, and set it in its place, in the midst of the tent which David had stretched out for it, - and David caused to go up ascending-sacrifices before Yahweh, and peace-offerings.
1 Kings 3:4
So then the king went to Gibeon, to sacrifice there, for, that, was the great high place, - a thousand ascending-sacrifices, did Solomon offer up on that altar.
1 Kings 8:64
On that day, did the king hallow the middle of the court, that was before the house of Yahweh, - for he offered there the ascending-sacrifice, and the meal-offering, and the fat portions of the peace-offerings, because, the altar of bronze that was before Yahweh, was too small to receive the ascending-sacrifice and the meal-offering, and the fat portions of the peace-offerings.
2 Chronicles 7:4
And, the king and all the people, were offering sacrifice before Yahweh.
2 Chronicles 29:21
And they brought in seven bullocks, and seven rams, and seven young sheep, and seven he-goats for bearing sin, for the kingdom and for the sanctuary and for Judah, - and he bade the sons of Aaron, the priests, cause them to ascend upon the altar of Yahweh.
Ezekiel 46:4
And, the ascending-sacrifice which the prince shall bring near unto Yahweh, shall be on the sabbath day, six he-lambs without defect and a ram without defect;

For me to inquire by

2 Kings 18:4
He, removed the high places, and brake in pieces the pillars, and cut down the Sacred Stem, - and beat in pieces the serpent of bronze that, Moses, had made, because, until those days, had the sons of Israel been burning incense thereunto, so he called it Nehushtan.
Genesis 44:5
Is not this that in which my lord drinketh, and whereby, he himself, doth divine? Ye have done evil in what ye have done.
2 Chronicles 33:6
And, he, caused his sons to pass through the fire, in the valley of the son of Hinnom, and practised hidden arts and used divination, and practised sorcery, and appointed a necromancer, and a wizard, - he exceeded in doing the thing that was wicked in the eyes of Yahweh, to provoke him to anger;
Isaiah 2:6
Therefore hast thou abandoned thy people the house of Jacob, Because they have become full of the And use hidden arts like the Philistines, - And with the children of foreigners, strike hands; -
Hosea 4:12
My people, of their Wood, do ask, - Let, their Staff, then tell them, - for, the spirit of unchastity, hath led them astray, and they have unchastely departed from under their God.