Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

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Matthew 23:14
wo unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, who shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye not only refuse to go in your selves, but hinder those that would.
Titus 1:11
who ought to be curb'd, who pervert whole families, teaching things which they ought not, for sordid lucre.
Jude 1:4
For certain men have insinuated themselves among you, who were formerly proscrib'd to be punish'd; impious men, who pervert the divine favour to licentiousness, and renounce their only master, and Jesus Christ our Lord.


Matthew 11:28
Believe in me, all ye that labour under oppression, and I will give you relief.


1 Corinthians 12:2
when you were Gentiles, you know how you were seduced by your leaders, to the worship of dumb idols.
2 Peter 3:17
Do you then, my dear brethren, being thus forewarn'd, take care not to be seduc'd by those prophane impostors, and so lose the reward of your constancy.


Mark 4:19
but the cares of this life, the deceitful love of riches, and a crowd of different passions, stifle the word, and it becomes unfruitful.
1 Timothy 6:9
themselves to temptations and snares, and to many foolish noxious passions, which plunge men into ruin and perdition. for the love of money is the root of all evil:
Titus 3:3
for even we ourselves were once inconsiderate, disobedient, deluded, addicted to variety of passions and pleasures, living in malice and envy, the deserving objects of mutual hatred.
2 Peter 2:18
when their language swells with vanity, by applying to the sensual passions of the licentious, they allure those who were escap'd for a while, from such deceivers:
Jude 1:16
These are murmurers, complainers, who pursue their own passions: their language swells with flattery, which they offer to the personages of men from a prospect of gain.

General references

John 10:5
a stranger they will not follow, but flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.