Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

General references

Bible References


Acts 8:35
And Philip, opening his mouth, and beginning from this scripture, told him the glad tidings of Jesus.
Matthew 5:2
and, opening his mouth, he began teaching them, saying: -
Ephesians 6:19
And on behalf of me; - that, unto me, may be given discourse in the opening of my mouth, with freedom of utterance, to make known the sacred secret of the glad-message

Of a

Deuteronomy 10:17
For as touching Yahweh your God, he, is God of gods, and Lord of lords; the great the mighty, and the fearful GOD, who respecteth not persons, nor accepteth a bribe;
Deuteronomy 16:19
Thou shalt not wrest judgment, thou shalt not take note of faces, - nor shalt thou accept a bribe, for the bribe, blindeth the eyes of wise men, and perverteth the words of righteous men.
2 Chronicles 19:7
Now, therefore, let the dread of Yahweh be upon you, - observe and do, for there is, with Yahweh our God, neither perversity nor respect of persons nor the taking of bribes.
Job 34:19
For he hath shewn no respect of persons unto princes, neither hath he recognised the rich rather than the poor? For, the work of his hands, are they all.
Psalm 82:1
God, hath taken his place in the august assembly, In the midst of the gods, will he judge.
Matthew 22:16
And they sent forth to him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying, Teacher! we know that, true, thou art, and, the way of God, in truth, dost teach, and it concerneth thee not about anyone, - for thou lookest not unto the face of men:
Luke 20:21
And they questioned him, saying - Teacher! we know that, rightly, thou speakest and teachest, and respectest no person, but, in truth, the way of God, dost teach:
Romans 2:11
For there is no respect of persons with God; -
Galatians 2:6
Moreover, from them who were reputed to be something, - whatsoever at one time, they were, maketh no difference to me, God accepteth not a man's person, - unto me, in fact, they who were of repute added nothing further;
Ephesians 6:9
And ye masters, the same things, be doing towards them, forbearing your threat - knowing that, both their and your Master, is in the heavens, and, respect of persons, there is none, with him.
Colossians 3:11
Wherein there cannot be Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, foreigner, Scythian, bond, free, - but, all things and in all, Christ:
James 2:4
Would ye not have been led to make distinctions among yourselves, and have become judges with wicked reasonings?
1 Peter 1:17
And, if, as Father, ye are invoking him who, without respect of persons, judgeth according to each man's work, with reverence, for the time of your sojourning, behave ye;

General references

Matthew 5:2
and, opening his mouth, he began teaching them, saying: -
Romans 2:11
For there is no respect of persons with God; -