Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


How much less to him that accepteth not the persons of princes, nor regardeth the rich more than the poor? for they all are the work of his hands.

Bible References


Job 13:8
Even, for him, would ye be partial? Or, for GOD, would ye so plead?
Deuteronomy 10:17
For as touching Yahweh your God, he, is God of gods, and Lord of lords; the great the mighty, and the fearful GOD, who respecteth not persons, nor accepteth a bribe;
2 Chronicles 19:7
Now, therefore, let the dread of Yahweh be upon you, - observe and do, for there is, with Yahweh our God, neither perversity nor respect of persons nor the taking of bribes.
Acts 10:34
And Peter, opening his mouth, said - Of a truth, I find that God is no respecter of persons;
Romans 2:11
For there is no respect of persons with God; -
Galatians 2:6
Moreover, from them who were reputed to be something, - whatsoever at one time, they were, maketh no difference to me, God accepteth not a man's person, - unto me, in fact, they who were of repute added nothing further;
Ephesians 6:9
And ye masters, the same things, be doing towards them, forbearing your threat - knowing that, both their and your Master, is in the heavens, and, respect of persons, there is none, with him.
Colossians 3:25
For, he that acteth unrighteously, shall get back what he had unrighteously done, and there is no respect of persons;
1 Peter 1:17
And, if, as Father, ye are invoking him who, without respect of persons, judgeth according to each man's work, with reverence, for the time of your sojourning, behave ye;
Hebrews 12:28
Wherefore, seeing that, of a kingdom not to be shaken, we are receiving possession, let us have gratitude - whereby we may be rendering divine service well-pleasingly unto God, with reverence and awe;


Job 12:19
Who leadeth away priests as a spoil, and, men firmly seated, He overturneth:
Psalm 2:2
The kings of earth take their station, and, grave men, have met by appointment together, - against Yahweh, and against his Anointed One saying :
Ecclesiastes 5:8
If, the oppression of the poor, and the wresting of justice and righteousness, thou see in the province, do not be astonished over the matter, - for, one high above the highest, is watching, yea, the Most High, is over them.
Isaiah 3:14
Yahweh, into judgment, will enter, With the elders of his people And their princes, - But ye, have consumed the vineyard, That which hath been robbed from the oppressed, is in your houses.


Job 31:15
Did not he who, in the womb, made me, make him? And is not he who formed us in the body one?
Proverbs 14:31
The oppressor of the poor, hath reproached his Maker, but he that sheweth favour to the needy, is one who, holdeth Him in honour.
Proverbs 22:2
The rich and the poor, meet together, the maker of them all, is Yahweh.

General references

Genesis 12:17
And Yahweh plagued Pharaoh with great plagues, also his house, - for the matter of Sarai, wife of Abram.
Job 13:8
Even, for him, would ye be partial? Or, for GOD, would ye so plead?
Psalm 49:2
Both sons of the low, And sons of the high, - Together both rich and needy: -
Isaiah 40:23
Who delivereth dignitaries to nothingness, - Judges of earth, like a desolation, hath he made:
Romans 2:11
For there is no respect of persons with God; -