Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


When John had first preached before his coming the baptism of repentance to all the people of Israel.

Bible References

General references

Acts 1:22
from His immersion by John [the Immerser] until He was received up from us [in a cloud]. Of these people [we must choose] someone to become a witness with us [i.e., to tell people] of Jesus' resurrection [from the dead]."
Acts 10:37
You yourselves know [all this, and] how this message was proclaimed throughout Judea, having begun from Galilee after the preaching of the immersion [taught and practiced] by John.
Acts 19:3
Paul [again] asked, "Into what were you immersed then?" They answered him, "Into John's immersion."
Matthew 3:1
In those days, John the Immerser went into the desert of Judea preaching [to Jews], saying,
Mark 1:2
It was even written in Isaiah, the prophet [Note: Verse
Luke 1:76
Yes, you [my] child [i.e., John], will be called the prophet of the Highest [i.e., God], for you will go ahead of the Lord's presence to prepare His ways.
Luke 3:2
[During this time], while Annas and Caiaphas [Note: This man was Annas' son-in-law. See John 18:13] were head priests, God's message came to John [the Immerser], son of Zacharias, [when he was] in the desert [of Judea].
John 1:6
There was a man sent from God whose name was John [the Immerser].
John 3:25
[About then] a dispute arose between John's disciples and a Jew over ceremonial cleansing.
John 5:33
"You people have sent to John [the Immerser, for information. See 1:19] and he has given true testimony [about me].