Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people, Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk?

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Ye men

Acts 2:22
Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you, by miracles, and prodigies, and signs, which God wrought by Him in the midst of you,
Acts 13:26
---Men and brethren, children of the race of Abraham, and all those among you that fear God, to you is the word of this salvation sent.
Romans 9:4
who are Israelites, whose is the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the form of divine worship, and the promises:
Romans 11:1
I say then, Hath God cast off his people? God forbid! for I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.


Acts 10:25
And as Peter came in, Cornelius met him, and falling down at his feet did him reverence.
Acts 14:11
And the people, seeing what Paul had done, lifted up their voice, saying in the Lycaonian tongue, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men.
John 3:27
John answered and said, A man can take nothing upon him, unless it be given him from heaven.
John 7:18
He, that speaketh from himself, seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh the glory of Him that sent him is true, and there is no imposture in him.


2 Corinthians 3:5
not that we can of ourselves reckon upon any thing as from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God.

General references

Mark 5:42
and immediately the damsel rose up and walked; for she was twelve years old; and they were struck with great astonishment.
Mark 12:11
this was from the Lord, and it is marvellous in our eyes."