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Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness, as he had appointed, speaking unto Moses, that he should make it according to the fashion that he had seen.

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The tabernacle

Exodus 38:21
This is the inventory of the tabernacle, the tabernacle of the testimony, which was counted by the order of Moses, being the work of the Levites under the direction of Ithamar, son of Aaron the priest.
Numbers 1:50
But appoint the Levites over the tabernacle of the testimony, over all its furnishings and over everything in it. They must carry the tabernacle and all its furnishings; and they must attend to it and camp around it.
Numbers 9:15
On the day that the tabernacle was set up, the cloud covered the tabernacle -- the tent of the testimony -- and from evening until morning there was a fiery appearance over the tabernacle.
Numbers 10:11
On the twentieth day of the second month, in the second year, the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle of the testimony.
Numbers 17:7
Then Moses placed the staffs before the Lord in the tent of the testimony.
Numbers 18:2
"Bring with you your brothers, the tribe of Levi, the tribe of your father, so that they may join with you and minister to you while you and your sons with you are before the tent of the testimony.
Joshua 18:1
The entire Israelite community assembled at Shiloh and there they set up the tent of meeting. Though they had subdued the land,
2 Chronicles 24:6
So the king summoned Jehoiada the chief priest, and said to him, "Why have you not made the Levites collect from Judah and Jerusalem the tax authorized by Moses the Lord's servant and by the assembly of Israel at the tent containing the tablets of the law?"

That he

Exodus 25:40
Now be sure to make them according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain.
Exodus 26:30
You are to set up the tabernacle according to the plan that you were shown on the mountain.
1 Chronicles 28:11
David gave to his son Solomon the blueprints for the temple porch, its buildings, its treasuries, its upper areas, its inner rooms, and the room for atonement.
Hebrews 8:2
a minister in the sanctuary and the true tabernacle that the Lord, not man, set up.

General references

Exodus 25:16
You are to put into the ark the testimony that I will give to you.
Numbers 17:7
Then Moses placed the staffs before the Lord in the tent of the testimony.

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