1 I saw Jehovah standing upon the altar: and he will say, Strike the crown, and the thresholds shall tremble: and dash them in pieces upon the head of them all; and the last of them I will slay with the sword: the fleeing to them shall not flee, and he escaping to them shall not escape. 2 If they shall break through into hades, from thence shall my hand take them; and if they shall go up to the heavens, from thence I will bring them down. 3 And if they shall hide in the head of Carmel, from thence will I search and take them; and if they shall be concealed from before mine eyes in the bottom of the sea, from thence I will command the serpent, and he bit them. 4 If they shall go into captivity before the face of their enemies, from thence I will command the sword and it slew them: and I set mine eyes upon them for evil and not for good.
5 And the Lord Jehovah of armies touching upon the land, and it shall melt, and all dwelling in it mourned: and it came up as a river all of it, and it was overflowed as the river of Egypt. 6 He building his ascents in the heavens, and founding his arches upon the earth; he calling to the waters of the sea, and he will pour them forth upon the face of the earth: Jehovah his name.
7 Are ye not as the sons of the Cushites to me, O sons of Israel? says Jehovah. Did I not bring up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the rovers from Caphtor, and Aram from Kir? 8 Behold, the eyes of the Lord Jehovah upon the sinning kingdom, and I destroyed it from the face of the earth; only that destroying, I will not destroy the house of Jacob, says Jehovah. 9 For behold, I command, and I caused the house of Israel to move to and fro among all nations as it will move to and fro in a sieve, and a stone shall not fall to the earth. 10 By the sword shall all sinning of my people die, saying, It shall not draw near, and the evil shall not cleave about us.
11 In that day I will raise up the tent of David having fallen, and I walled in their breaches, and I will raise up its destructions, and I built it as the days of old: 12 So that they shall possess the remnant of Edom, and all the nations which my name was called upon them, says Jehovah doing this
13 Behold, the days coming, says Jehovah, the ploughing touched upon the harvesting, and the treading of grapes upon the drawing of the seed; and the mountains dropped new wine, and all the hills shall melt. 14 And I turned back the captivity of my people Israel, and they built the cities laid waste, and they inhabited; and they planted vineyards, and they drank their wine; and they made gardens and ate their fruit 15 And I planted them upon their land, and they shall no more be plucked up from their land which I gave to them, said Jehovah thy God.