Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and for them at Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh;

Bible References


Colossians 1:24
At present I am glad to be suffering in your interest, and I am making up in my own person what is lacking in Christ's sufferings for the church, which is his body.
Colossians 4:12
Epaphras, one of your own number, a slave of Christ Jesus, wishes to be remembered to you. He is always standing up for you in his prayers that you may stand fast, like men of mature convictions, whatever God's will for you may be.
Luke 22:44
Galatians 4:19
my children??ou for whom I am enduring a mother's pains again, until Christ is formed in you.
Philippians 1:30
Take your part in the same struggle that you have seen me engage in and that you hear I am still keeping up.
1 Thessalonians 2:2
We had just been through ill-treatment and insults at Philippi, as you remember, but, in the face of great opposition, we took courage by the help of our God, and told you God's good news.
Hebrews 5:7
For Jesus in his life on earth offered prayers and entreaties, crying aloud with tears, to him who was able to save him from death, and because of his piety his prayer was heard.


Colossians 4:13
I can testify how anxious he is about you and the brothers in Laodicea and Hierapolis.
Revelation 1:11
say, "Write what you see in a roll and send it to the seven churches??o Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea."
Revelation 3:14
"To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: " 'The Amen, the true and faithful witness, the origin of God's creation, speaks thus:


Colossians 2:5
For though I am absent from you in person I am with you in spirit, and I am glad to observe your harmony and the solidity of your faith in Christ.
Acts 20:25
Now I know perfectly well that none of you among whom I went about preaching the Kingdom of God will ever see my face again.
1 Peter 1:8
You must love him, though you have not seen him, but since you believe in him though you do not now see him, rejoice with triumphant, unutterable joy