Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


When the host goeth forth against thine enemies, then keep thee from every wicked thing.

Bible References

General references

Joshua 6:18
But, in any wise, do, ye, beware of what is devoted, lest ye should covet, and then take of what is devoted, - and so cause the camp of Israel to be devoted, and bring trouble upon it.
Joshua 7:11
Israel hath sinned, yea moreover they have transgressed my covenant which I commanded them, - yea moreover they have taken of what was devoted, yea moreover they have stolen, yea moreover they have dissembled, yea moreover they have put it among their own goods.
Judges 20:26
Then went up all the sons of Israel, and all the people, and came to Bethel, and wept, and tarried there before Yahweh, and fasted on that day, until the evening, - and caused to go up ascending-sacrifices and peace-offerings, before Yahweh.
2 Chronicles 19:4
So Jehoshaphat dwelt in Jerusalem, - and he again went forth among the people, from Beersheba as far as the hill country of Ephraim, and brought them back unto Yahweh, the God of their fathers.
2 Chronicles 20:3
And Jehoshaphat was afraid, and set his face to seek unto Yahweh, - and proclaimed a fast for all Judah.
2 Chronicles 31:20
And Hezekiah did thus, throughout all Judah, - and he did that which was good and right and faithful, before Yahweh his God.
2 Chronicles 32:1
After these things done in faithfulness, came Sennacherib king of Assyria, - and entered into Judah, and encamped against the fortified cities, and thought to break into them for himself.
Luke 3:14
Then were questioning him, soldiers also, saying - What shall, even we, do? And he said unto them - Molest ye, no one, neither accuse falsely; and be content with your supplies.
Revelation 19:11
And I saw heaven, set open, and lo! a white horse, and, he that was sitting thereon, calledFaithful, and True; and, in righteousness, doth he judge and make war;