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Israel hath sinned, and they have also transgressed my covenant which I commanded them: for they have even taken of the accursed thing, and have also stolen, and dissembled also, and they have put it even among their own stuff.


The accursed

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Bible References


Joshua 7:1
But the sons of Israel had committed an act of unfaithfulness in respect of what was devoted, - for Achan son of Carmi son of Zabdi, son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah had taken of what was devoted, and the anger of Yahweh had kindled against the sons of Israel.


Joshua 23:16
When ye transgress the covenant of Yahweh your God which he hath commanded you, and go and serve other gods, and bow yourselves down unto them, then will the anger of Yahweh kindle upon you, and ye will perish quickly, from off the good land which he hath given unto you.
Deuteronomy 17:2
When there shall be found in thy midst, within any of thy gates, which Yahweh thy God is giving unto thee, man or woman who doeth the thing which is wicked in the eyes of Yahweh thy God by transgressing his covenant;
Judges 2:20
So then the anger of Yahweh kindled upon Israel, and he said - Forasmuch as this nation have transgressed my covenant, which I commanded their fathers, and have not hearkened unto my voice,
2 Kings 18:12
because they hearkened not unto the voice of Yahweh their God, but transgressed his covenant, all that Moses the servant of Yahweh commanded, - they neither hearkened nor performed.
Isaiah 24:5
Yea the earth itself is profaned under them who dwell therein, - For they have Set aside laws, Gone beyond statute, Broken an age-abiding covenant.
Isaiah 50:1
Thus, saith Yahweh - Where then is the set, oil of your mothers divorce, whom I have put away? Or, which of my creditors, is it to whom I have sold you? Lo! for your iniquities, have ye been sold, And for your transgressions, hath your mother been put away.
Jeremiah 31:32
Not like the covenant which I solemnised with their fathers, In the day when I grasped their hand, to bring them forth out of the land of Egypt, - In that, they, brake my covenant Though, I, had become a husband unto them, Declareth Yahweh.
Hosea 6:7
But, they, like Adam, have transgressed a covenant, - There, have they dealt treacherously with me.

The accursed

Joshua 7:21
When I saw among the spoil a certain goodly mantle of Babylonia and two hundred shekels of silver and a certain wedge of gold - fifty shekels the weight thereof, then I coveted them, then I took them, - and, there they are, hid in the earth, in the midst of my tent, and the silver under it.
Joshua 6:17
And it shall be, that, as for the city, devoted, shall it be and all that is therein unto Yahweh, - nevertheless, Rahab the harlot, shall live, she and all who are with her in the house, because she hid the messengers whom we sent.


Malachi 3:8
Will, a son of earth, defraud, God? Nevertheless, ye, have been defrauding me, and yet ye say, Wherein have we defrauded thee? In the tithe and the offering.
Matthew 22:21
They say - Caesar's. Then, saith he unto them - Render, therefore, the things of Caesar, unto Caesar, - and, the things of God, unto God.


2 Kings 5:25
Now, when, he, came in and stood before his lord, Elisha said unto him, Whence comest thou, Gehazi? And he said, - Thy servant hath been neither hither nor thither.
John 12:5
Why was, this perfume, not sold for three hundred denaries, and given unto the destitute?
Acts 5:1
But, a certain man, Ananias by name, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,
Hebrews 4:13
And there is, no created thing, can be secreted before him, but, all things, are naked and exposed to his eyes: - as to whom is, our discourse.


Leviticus 5:15
Whensoever, any person, shall commit a trespass, and shall take away by mistake, from the holy things of Yahweh, then shall he bring in as his guilt-bearer unto Yahweh, a ram without defect out of the flock, with thine estimate in silver by shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, for a guilt-bearer:
Habakkuk 2:6
Shall not, these, all of them, against him, take up - a taunt, a mocking poem, enigmatical sentences - concerning him? And say - Alas! for him who maketh abundance in what is not his own, How long? that he should be burdening himself with heavy debts?
Zechariah 5:4
therefore have I brought it forth, Declareth Yahweh of hosts, And it shall enter - into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth by my name, falsely, - and it shall roost in the midst of his house, and shall consume it, both the timbers thereof, and the stones thereof.

General references

Deuteronomy 23:9
When thou goest forth into camp against thine enemies, then shalt thou beware of everything foul.